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You to buy their own outdoor risks?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-15
You to buy their own outdoor camping goods risks? Time: 2013 03 - 29 in the near future, the domestic and international more and more about what happened during the trip of all kinds of accidents news reports, many travelers, step to all kinds of outdoor camping goods activities and sonic, how many people are thought to be for their own travel and a security - — Buy insurance? For outdoor risks, how much do you know? < br /> outdoor insurance there are several, the following simple introduce you to the outdoor types of insurance. Main products: outdoor camping goods insurance tourists accident injury insurance, personal insurance person accident injury insurance, housing tourist and travel assistance insurance and travel insurance, help the top three of the basic insurance. < br /> 1, tourists accident injury insurance: go out tourism, boat is little not. Is not afraid of ten thousand for one thousand, the insurance is equal to wear a safety belt. Mandatory tourists accident injury insurance premium has been included in the fare, visitors when buying tickets, tickets, actually had voted for the insurance, the premium is calculated according to 5% of the fare, each insurance of insurance amount is twenty thousand yuan. Insurance time limit for check-in stops or midway get into the boat, to check-in the outbound or midway stop to get off the boat. During the validity period of insurance, tourists, disability or death caused by accidents, loss of body function, in addition to the medical fee by the regulation of insurance companies, but also to the injured or the families pay insurance gold. < br /> air tickets, tickets and attractions tickets are mostly contain insurance, the negotiable instruments also has the meaning of the insurance document. In the event of an accident, they are the basis of demand compensation from the insurance and pay insurance gold, should be properly kept. < br /> 2 person accident injury insurance, tourism, tourism to the scenic spot, to experience the adventure tourism projects, to choose the best voluntary tourist person accident injury insurance. Now the insurance company to open this danger to plant, one yuan each insurance premium, insurance amount is 10000 yuan, for a maximum of 10. Insurance time limit for buying insurance from into tourist attractions, to leave the spot check. < br /> here are to be highlighted, tourists can according to the size of tourism project safety factor, the choice of the insurance to buy or not buy. But for the following travel, you'd better throw a insurance: adventure, such as the grand canyon, cave exploration, to see to the deserts, grasslands, tourism, etc. ; Ecological tourism, such as the wild zoo to watch animals, to the wildlife park for a picnic, camping adventure tour, such as fast water rafting, climbing cliffs. < br /> 3, tourist accommodation life insurance: the insurance premium per 1 yuan, from zero on the day of lodging, insurance time limit is 15 days, can the expiry of the renewal, can vote more than once. Each insurance liability in three aspects: one is 5000 yuan on accommodation, tourist insurance 2. 10000 yuan on accommodation, tourist insurance ready to three for tourists belongings were accidentally damaged or DaoQiang while maintaining the compensation of 200 yuan. Inside insurance time limit, tourists by accident, foreign attack, murder, or to protect their own or other people life and property security to their death, disability, or loss of body function, or carry-on baggage was theft, robbery, etc. , the insurance company according to different standard pay insurance gold. < br /> 4, travel assistance insurance: this type of insurance is established by domestic insurance companies generally is planted, it is insurance company with international SOS launched a joint rescue center, tourists at home and abroad, any place in danger, can call for assistance free of charge. The old travel personal accident insurance service, the traditional insurance company general claims later extension forward, to provide timely and effective relief at the time of the accident. < br /> 5, travel assistance insurance: the insurance is very suitable to the traveling abroad. With its security, tourists in the event of an accident, or due to the lack of local customs regulations caused the legal dispute, as long as the call, you will get free aid.
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