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With the best travel time summary from our country

by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
Our country's best travel time summary: 2011 - 08 - 24 < P> in general, the climate of a region there is a relatively stable changes during the year. Such as hainan long summer without winter weather, the climate of kunming is the four seasons, four seasons climate of xi 'an, Harbin, short winter long summer weather, people often years according to the climate change, can be divided into different climate types. < / P> < P> across four heat zone in east China, south of the significant difference, in the eastern city of tourism climate comfort evaluation, we also draw lessons from this kind of classification method. According to each city climate comfort degree of years change, using cluster analysis method, the city tourism climate comfort is divided into three types, and named after the most comfortable season the types, specific as follows: < / P> < P> a, Xia Shi climate, refers to the summer is cool and comfortable warm, winter cold uncomfortable climate types. High latitudes are mainly distributed in the north of our country, namely the north latitude 40. 6 ° north of provinces and cities, including Harbin, changchun, shenyang, chengde,, yanbian, dalian, these five city winter cold, < / P> < P> comprehensive climate comfort degree is low, comfortable and cool summer climate, suitable for tourist activities, is the best place for summer, 5 - year after year September is the best period, more comfortable period for 6 months, longer is not comfortable. < / P> < P> 2, the spring and autumn period and the comfort, refers to the appropriate age season climate, winter cold and summer hot climate types. Mainly distributed in the north latitude 24. 5 to 39. 8 ° large areas, including Beijing, tianjin, shijiazhuang, nanjing, suzhou, Shanghai, hangzhou, jinan, Qingdao, lianyungang, wenzhou, fuzhou, xiamen and other 14 cities, the city in winter is cold, summer is hot, the climate comfort degree is low, less suitable for travel; Age season high comfort, and sustained for a long time, suitable for tourism activities. < / P> < P> comfortable period 4 - in more In June and September 0 month, uncomfortable period 1 - in more In February and December, comfortable period for 5 - commonly 6 months, uncomfortable period is shorter, especially to xiamen from city to city, nanjing is comfortable for the whole year period. < / P> < P> three type, winter optimum climate, refers to the winter climate comfortable, sultry summer climate types. Mainly distributed in the subtropical and tropical areas in China, namely the north latitude 18. 1 ~ 23. 4 ° between, including shantou, zhanjiang, guangzhou, zhuhai, shenzhen, haikou, sanya city, the climate is warm in winter in seven cities, high comfort, is a good place for winter tourism; Hot summer climate, comfort level is low, less suitable for tourism. < / P> < P> comfortable period 1 - in more And April 11 - In December, less comfortable period 6 - in more In addition to September, zhuhai, haikou and sanya, other cities are all comfort. Comfortable period normally for 6 months, up to eight months. Sanya mikan tokonatsu no winter, the summer half year the climate is hot and comfortable period is shorter for 4 months. < / P>
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