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Winter outdoor travel and equipment about how to choose

by:Foerstine     2020-05-14
Winter outdoor camping goods travel and equipment about how to choose the time: 2012 - 06 - 07 source: foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: outdoor skills in winter in the northern outdoor travel within the greatest pain a frozen wet outside, at 0 degrees below the environment, you soaking wet, hands and feet numbness, in tears, cried a mouthful, but not the cold wind sail to placing into the body. 。 。 。 The feeling of the pain will make you wish immediately into a room full of steam sauna room. 。 。 。 。 。 。 In fact, you needn't so painful to ride a bike, if you choose the right right winter cycling gear, can experience the different from other seasons riding fun - cycling in the winding mountain 岰 ( Riding on the flat road) or chang , breathing the fresh air, enjoying the beauty of the snow. 。 。 < br /> a, coat < br /> ride first warm in winter, especially the coat, the most important thing is to choose wind warm clothes. The thickness of heat preservation is not separates, dress but in the number of layers ( The air cavity, wich is multilayer can be better to keep your body temperature) , and the heavy coat will only make you feel tied, manipulation of the bicycle to become difficult. Light and wind fleece fabrics cycling jerseys, cycling shorts is a good choice. General before riding jacket for the wind fleece fabrics, back to sweat breathable fleece fabrics, both front against the cold wind blowing, accelerated the draining of sweat back again; While cycling shorts have to pay attention to the choice of the knee with thick layer, is very important to protect your knees ( My way is to add a knee) , had better choose straps riding trousers, can prevent cold air into your lower back. Now this kind of product on the market a lot, about one hundred yuan can buy cost-effective clothing, pants, Or brand! ! ) If you don't go out is rich flower, also can consider Windstop outdoor apparel fabrics, after all, you have to take out a patent for this ( As Gore - Tex) < br /> 2, underwear < br /> finish coat, let's take a look at the inner layer ( Not underwear) 。 This layer should choose lightweight, breathable, warm clothes, sweating, quick-drying, catching a pullover for choice not only allow you to get rid of the heaviness of the winter clothes, also can rapid discharge sweat in underwear. Speaking of underwear, of course, should choose to sweat, quick-drying tight underwear suits, generally for coolmax fabrics, the price level was the amount of coolmax. Also have special cycling underwear on the market, but the front for the design of the fabrics of wind, personally think that necessity is not big, after all, wind fabrics or less in terms of ventilation, when you ride, you will find a little sweat on the chest. And private parts just add a suit underwear pants, ordinary underwear will be after you sweat wet stick on your legs, also can make you feel very uncomfortable. 。 。 And these clothes in outdoor supplies store, the price is not very expensive. Decathlon has now caught a pullover in on promotion, 49 yuan/piece, buy two can enjoy preferential treatment in 42 / piece, is a bargain. In addition, I in the habit of riding outside underwear to wear a short sleeve cycling jerseys, one is, warmth, also won't affect breathe freely, sweat, 2 it is, it can be put in the pocket bottles of water and some snacks, rely on the body temperature to keep temperature, no longer drink water seem son. < br /> 3 and other equipment < br /> the whole body had wrapped up, now only you in the head, hands, feet, also exposed, any pain will make your ride a little nudity. Start from scratch, is essential to a warm hat, single cap will let your head be cold wind blowing like blast, and thick caps ( Line caps, cotton padded cap) But will let you head sweat can't discharge, Camping tents] When you stop to rest, you will find that the whole hat already wet, and you want to continue wearing the helmet of ice. 。 。 A good choice is to buy a breathable catch a nodding, CS cap (you can also choose to online said Rob cap) , show your eyes only, have viewed of protection, so that your head is fully armed in place, also won't let you into stuff flow with embarrassment. Just so there are two hats, one is feeling view restricted, 2 it is shortness of breath will be affected by certain influence. Is also very important the protection of the hands, feet, frozen numb hands and feet to ride that is quite painful, is also pretty dangerous! Gloves should choose windproof, neat gloves. Not only to resist head on the cold wind, but also has good handling to the handlebars, the hypertrophy of ski gloves, not only affects you ride in the variable speed control, but also control handlebar unsafe effects on you. As for the feet to keep warm, the preferred towels at the end of a long waist socks, can better absorb sweat and protect your ankle. At the same time, riding on a thermal cycling shoes had better wear special shoe covers, otherwise, the cold wind made will let your feet could not find any cadence. < br /> 4, < br /> winter riding after all not as easy as summer, advanced equipment to also won't to let you all still in dry state, so, winter cycling equipment principle is: 'outside wind breathable, warm inside sweat! 'Can lessen the pain, so why not? Forget to remind you that must take a helmet! < br /> winter outdoor travel and equipment about how to choose the tag: winter outdoor, outdoor equipment, selection of equipment
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