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Winter down sleeping bag of choose and buy should pay attention to

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
In the process of camping outdoors the role of the camping sleeping bag is warm. So, a sleeping bag is the most important parameter is the scale, scale is also called a comfortable temperature. Comfortable temperature generally in two forms marked on the sleeping bag, the first is a logo on the bag absolute temperature, for example - 5 degrees Celsius, indicating this a comfortable camping sleeping bag is - at low temperature 5 degrees, that is, won't feel cold in the temperature inside the bed. Another identity identification method based on temperature range, generally from red to green or blue, if red from 5 degrees Celsius, when arrived at 0 degrees transition into light green, to minus 5 degrees Celsius when transition into a dark green. Such method is said at the time of 5 degrees Celsius will warm, 0 degrees when temperature is just right, minus 5 degrees will feel cold, then this camping sleeping bag is comfortable is zero at low temperature. But the comfortable temperature is just a relative concept, he didn't have a unified standard. So this parameter is only for reference, the absolute low temperature will vary from person to person, different environment can cause different parameters.
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