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Wild weather lore of applied

by:Foerstine     2020-04-17
Practical field technique of weather lore time: 2012 - 04 - Source: 12 tents author: outdoor knowledge 1, looking at the sun < br /> red sunset xishan, tent in the middle of the night up solar halo night rain, lunar halo noon the wind early see castle peak, late to watch the sunset. Clouds after the sun, the night the thick the sun out early, rare good weather. Day back to red, rain no crab holes. Red sun, rain in the wind, star in big sky. The sun crack mouth smile, tan old cat call. ( The cloud dew) The sun at noon, after three days without see each other. Sunset carmine, no rain is wind. Sunset yellow, windy tomorrow. Xishan sunset the sky red, not the rain is wind. East sun white, need to be energetic. Climbing out of the sun, to the northwest. The sunrise the sun huang, afternoon wind will be crazy. The sun has a solar or lunar halo, no rain and wind. Three arrows, sunset day rain just now. Hang red sunrise, when the day is fine. Sunset gray, the next day with the wind. Sunrise red hot, cold a west stock at noon. ( The hail) Sunrise east, recent not rain and wind. Sunrise dark clouds, rain or wind, sun cloud day, the weather but three five days. < br /> 2, look at the moon < br /> the moon around the circle, the wind in the hope. The moon hang umbrella, heavy rain in sight. An umbrella yellow moon, light rain for a day or two. An umbrella black moon, mostly sunny day. Month make hole, rain water (like gate The moon circles around the cloud) 。 The moon long hair, the waters rushed into tide ( The moon around altostratus) 。 < br /> 3, look at the stars < br /> the stars luminous, there is hope for rain. The stars wink, go out to bring an umbrella. See the stars at night the moon, tomorrow will be a big sun. The stars blink of an eye, not far from rain; The stars twinkle, wind stronger. ( Tent] The stars thickened, raindrop flow. Long rain to see the stars, the stars blink day Ming rain more crazy. Stars, red rain set in. The stars be full of days, and sunny tomorrow. < br /> 4, see cloud < br /> cotton cloud in the morning, afternoon will rain. East cloud long in the morning, rain not GuoShang. Cloud retaining dam in the morning, three days have rain. Drift away in the morning, the afternoon sun dead dog. Rain sunny a day early, late rain until morning. Streaming days hooked hook cloud, rain on the ground. Day a cloud castle, the ground in the thunderstorm. Broom cloud in the sky, three days of rain shower. Flower flower cloud tonight, tomorrow the dead. Air mackerel sky, rain or wind. Pod cloud in the sky, the rain will soon face. The anvil cloud in the sky, heavy rain soon. Knot old cloud drive, not Yin also want. Eat the fog rain cloud, mist cloud nice day. Rain clouds to eat fire, the fire eating cloud sunny day. Don't worry about the rain clouds after the sun, and the middle of the night. Dark clouds white soles, have to the heavy rain. Low clouds don't go, rain in the near future. Northwest evil cloud long, hail in the afternoon. Critical thermal dark clouds hail will fall to the ground. Dark clouds smoke and hail in the day. Black Huang Yun rolls, hail in sight. Black Huang Yun rolls, will be frozen egg. All the water wave, rain run not to take off. Big at the beginning of a day, don't sleep at night, look at southeast southeastern sky grey and dark, it is a lot of rain will not dry. Dark clouds yellow tip, must under the hail. Black red hair tail is white, a hail will come. ( Cloud color) Horsetail cloud is a sign of weakness, there must be heavy rain. Mackerel sky ( Herring scales) Don't rain also madness. Clouds in the opposite direction of thick clouds, it's going to rain. Scales in watching the clouds in the evening, no wind and rain. There must be wind and rain cloud since the northeast to southeast, northwest not GuoShang black, see a rain cloud in the middle of the night, east YiLiuFeng, cloud to the west, wearing a raincoat, south of cloud, drifting boat, cloud north, blind ray. The cloud east, the next day the wind. The clouds, up and down, not good rain cold eggs. River pig ( The dark clouds) Across the river, Tianhe) The heavy rain. Rainy days bright edge, no rain light on the top of the sunny day see mountain, but it began to rain. Heaven scales spot, sun valley don't turn on the ground. The sky grey cloth hanging, the heavy rain will constantly. But three heaven sea fiber, it rained. Before dawn, must have the winds and waves. Mackerel sky, depicts. The broom cloud, bubble and the dead. People fear, afraid of the clear sunny day. Dark clouds thick, yellow over, not good rain bad times. Under the hail cloud in a fight. Cloud from south long, but the heavy rain. The cloud come from the north, while day sun dried wood. Ground cloud of cloud, the dead. Tile cloud, the sun and the dead. The day the bait the hook cloud, underground leaching and the dead. The sky yellow and wind without rain. Cloud in the sky tower, hua la soon. Old cloud drive, near the bottom. < br /> the field skills of weather lore practical piece label: field skills, the weather proverb, outdoor camping goods knowledge
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