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Wild adventure must learn to find water

by:Foerstine     2020-04-17
Wild adventure time must learn to find water method: - 2011 10 - 18 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> in the summer of 1980, the famous scientist Peng Jiamu region in xinjiang lop nur were systematically stud Ed inspection, missing due to the field to find water. < / p> < p> we all know, life can not do without water, all living things depend on the water, all living there will be water. General can survive without food, normal 20 days or so, but if there is no water, even three days to live. When looking for water to flow to the most ideal water. Here are some of the field to find the method of water: < / p> < p> a, island to find water < / p> < p> windward slope side on the island, often have water and food; Can also be found in the caves of the rock water; Mining coast, 'well,' water puddle to dig in tidal marks more safety, the depth to the water collected in the pit. To skim the surface of water, wait for after precipitation with above water, boil, of course, will be more secure. < / p> < p> 2, plant water < / p> < p> many plants green nuts, due to taste acid can quickly thirst; Yellow bamboo root stem empty quarter, off the coast of shrubs, and 15 ~ 20 cm high tender plants such as there is water. < / p> < p> 3, animals, water < / p> < p> water accounts for 50% ~ 80% of fish weight, as long as a day for 3 kg fish, which can meet the needs of an adult of fresh water a day. Its method is to put the fish into small pieces, or on the back of the fish to get cross with the knife, and then, thrusting water; Or take out the big fish guts, internal flow juice drink fish. < / p> < p> 4, condensation water < / p> < p> if floating in the sea, can hold up a 'awning' on the ship, so that the water vapor in the air will rise to the top of the awning, the cooling becomes water flow to the bottom, collected for the need of emergency; Choose strong, tender leaves thick branches, put on plastic bags, mouth up, a corner of the bag down, can be collected in the condensate; Or will just cut off the fresh plant branches and leaves on the big plastic bag, temperature can be induced in the condensate; In the desert, the choice of damp place can make use of the sun's heat distilled water, can collect about 50 ml of water for 24 hours; Water and urine by distilling, also can drink. < / p> < p> 5, water and water purification method < / p> < p> you can into the river upstream water; Water birds flying direction; Dry wash water; River bends of the lateral minimum water; At the foot of the mountain where live plants for water; In the bottom of the canyon and search the springs with slope; Track the person or animal footprints can find water ( Bees to leave their hives, for example, no more than 6. Radius of 5 km, most insects are water 90 m within the scope of flight) ; To purify water, can put the water to a boil, add a little salt, or household bleach, water purification tablets ( 1 ~ 2) And shaking evenly, precipitation in half an hour later can drink. < / p> < p> in a serious shortage of water environment, to reduce consumption, reduce movement. Talk less, for example, don't smoke, tip touching people breathe near surface; Don't use the tongue lick their lips, can wipe crack oil, animal oil, or containing small pebbles or COINS in the mouth, can relieve thirst sense; Or dig a hole in the sand hidden inside, to hide his neck deep, can hold off heat to the human body moisture evaporation, dug out of the sand pile in the pit, can provide shade. < / p> < p> note: in the case of frustration, thirsty bear hard also can't drink white wine ( African natives call it 'tiger milk') 。 < / p>
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