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Why would cramp when motion, how to deal with?

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
Why would cramp when motion, how to deal with? Time: 2013 04 - 08 likes the movement of people, mostly in the process of the movement had a cramp, the moment of pain and cramps often make us miserable. So, do you know, in the sports injuries, the most common phenomenon - - - - - - - Cramps, is why, and how to handle? < br /> < br /> what is a cramp? Cramps is actually a muscle spasm, refers to the muscles of a portion of the body is not independently strong contraction, and cannot be quickly relaxation phenomenon. Cramps in parts of the most commonly occurs in the crus, back thigh and leg side before. In addition, contain foot, fingers, arms, abdomen, or even small muscle cramps may occur between the ribs. < br /> a cramp, the muscle will become hard and sometimes even see a muscle twitch phenomenon under the skin. The time of muscle spasm may disappear after a few seconds, it is also possible for 15 minutes. If not timely processing or interrupt the original movement, may be repeated over and over again in a short time. < br /> the real reason for the cramp when motion to has not decided yet, but this is believed to be caused by many factors influence each other. < br /> the cramp phenomenon and its reason: < br /> 1, stretching exercise before the lack of enough; 2, muscle fatigue due to excessive use; 3, in too hot climate movement; 4, the environment temperature sudden change; 5, moisture loss too much; 6, electrolyte imbalance; 7, movement posture is not correct; 8, mood too nervous; 9 and unbalanced diet, drug side effects, etc. < br /> the cramp processing: < br /> 1. Stop immediately the ongoing movement; 2, to a cool ventilated place, adding water, sports drinks is a plus; 3, slowly stretch is spasm of muscle, can also be at the site of the cramp moderate massage; 4, treatment process, can be supplemented by heat or cold therapy. Whether it is a sport with spray or cold hot compress bag has good effect.
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