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Why walk, redundant?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
Why walk, redundant? Time: 2011 08 - 30 < P> why I am often asked that backpackers' foot '? < / P> < P> I think there is such a question that may be because of 'trek' is already out of our modern life, and in the way of travel, become popular ascendant. < / P> < P> are not so convenient in traffic, walk would never become a debate, all for granted. When 'drive the car instead of walking into living habits, becomes strange' foot 'romantic move, especially with the colour of the outdoor camping goods, stretching out like' outbreak 'category, 'voyager' and so on. Someone deified it, for it have a variety of reasons and meaning; Similarly, anyone who in demonizing the reason of the fragile vitriolic attacks, accusing it of no more than a SHOW. Debate focused on: walking is necessary or unnecessary? < / P> < P> when 'foot' involvement in the concept of outdoor camping goods, it evolved into a way of movement, and all other sports, have special rules and tips, it can be said that the foot is walking, climbing, the combination of weight training and aerobic fitness, can contain several kilometers in a day to walk or use a week's time to climb the mountain region. For starters, the most basic requirements are burdened with additional baggage on foot, this is for later to finish of the special physiognomy such as mountain walk, along a snow trip in technology for basic training. < / P> < P> so, 'walking' and common sense of 'walk' not completely equal, it is not only the introductory article, outdoor is throughout the training and the basic technical elements. If you explore nature, to a lot of places that we need to have a basic quality. The so-called 'outbreak', might as well understood as a short intensive training on foot; And 'trailwalking, strictly defined on the team is to point to the finish line difficult trek, team generally consists of three men and one woman, for team collaboration within the time required to complete through techniques such as line, climbing, wading creek, it is the embodiment of training and a way of outdoor teamwork spirit, the use of more in the game. < / P> < P> there are about more than 4000 ten thousand people a year worldwide hiking in a variety of ways, some of them may be strictly comply with the definition of outdoor camping goods, in the challenge at the same time, the exercise of his own heart, lungs and muscles. But more and more people, may be just enjoy walking to bring freedom, like the at any time any place allowed to stop feeling. Can get on foot, a line, the experience is cannot replace by driving, or your personal like walking a way, is the reason why it exists. < / P> < P> when a 'walk' understanding to a PRIVATE choice, completely has no necessity to pay attention to it is' must have 'or' excess ', like you can become it happens all the reason. This way, become fashion, not its meaning. < / P>
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