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Why single little tent on the market?

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
Why single little tent on the market? Time: 2011 11 - Source: 08 tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> according to our normal body shape in Asia, the standard size of a single tent should be ( 90 * 200) CM or ( 100 * 200) CM, pure homebred pathfinder knight battalion (single account 90 * 200) And days of flying 100 # ( 100 * 200) Single tent in a foreign country does not see more, net weight, indeed lighter than double account (for a single account Is about 10% - - - - - - - - - - - - 15%) , but as long as you sleep in a single account, then your equipment must become a layman, because the space is too small. < / p> < p> a few single tents and there are not a good place is due to the very narrow, so the wind resistance is very poor, the summer night is even boring. < / p> < p>, by contrast, use most tent size for now ( 140 * 200) CM, this is the double standard account that yes, but do you find it the use of the premise, Or make your backpack outdoor sculpture) 。 When carefully let love backpack you sleep on your side, it became a single account. < / p> < p> another choice of double zhang is also the cause of this kind of equipment performance can expand sex, imagine when the activity and the environment changes, the scope of when you want to and friends to take part in activities, he ( She) If must go to buy a tent? 吗? < / p> < p> so we would have 10% - - - - - - 15% of the weight, also don't want to give up the initiative. Back a person lives, of course, but a 'four people home' that can only use a 'interest' to describe him. < / p>
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