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Which activities to do to prepare before outdoor cycling

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
cycling to do which activities before preparation time: 2012 - 07 - 04 source: tent author: outdoor tip 1. Inner thighs and seat cushion friction, easy to produce skin abrasion; As the local sweat more easy dipping dermatitis. So the ride to should be wiped off to rest, after a little way, to rest, at noon and night sweat pants for go, clean the perineum and inside of the legs after dry, then can prepare some traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) songhua powder puff. Such as existing dyke break according to scratch, the person that weigh to stop travelling by bike.
  2. Car MATS for a long time with the perineum, oppression, urethra, prostate, scrotum, easy to make its congestion, micturition not free, easy to breed bacteria. About 60 minutes should get off on the way to rest, relax the oppression in, urination in a timely manner. To the residence in addition to the general bath clean, hip (should be When sitting position below navel) Soak in warm water for 10 ~ 15 minutes and is equal to the heat.
  3. Hands clasped handlebar, and sciatic nerve compression of pubic symphysis, long after the easy numb. We must ride, gloves and elastic as well, both hands often transform grip Angle and way; When sitting, also should change before and after, left and right sides 'focus', to improve local blood circulation and make the muscles of the organization.
  4. Seat to elastic, soft, height should be lower than the saddle, handlebar ( The dragon's head) Height, saddle front end slightly forward with soft mat. Tourism cyclists don't go for the car at a speed that the premise of the design requirements, and give priority to with comfort and health.
  5. Woman's menstrual period should not be commonly bike travel long distances, such as basic exercise at ordinary times, personal physical condition is good, and don't have to forbid.
  6. People with certain diseases should not ride a bike travel. As had a history of concussion, the risk of occlusive vascular inflammation, hernia, hemorrhoids, color blindness, and pregnant women in high myopia, menstrual period women.
  7. Driving to protect good eye. In the process of driving, speed fast, road sand, intraocular foreign body easy intrusion, and cause an accident. Should wear sunglasses against wind. People with diseases, trachoma, dacryocystitis, easy to wind tears, more to protect. In the event of intraocular foreign bodies, should immediately with a clean handkerchief tries to foreign body, or with my mouth to blow, avoid by all means is hard to clean. To close the rest after the foreign bodies, some eye drops and drops.
  8. Prevent falls by bike. Under the long trip to ride a bike need to be careful, steep slope, and the easiest way to fall. In one thousand, to take correct posture, protect the body, avoid hurt. To sell your car act decisively, and one to the other side of the fall. ( Camping tents] Muscles tensed, as far as possible with the body part of the area of contact with the ground, must not with one hand, one foot, one shoulder, more can't let the head first. In order to do this, must strengthen the practice before travel, learn protection techniques. The practice of the method is: the body upright, arms stretched forward, arms quickly, bend your right elbow joint, the dumping of the body to the right, from the arm to the left shoulder roll. Action to be agile, coherent, daily exercise, until grasp skilled.
  9. Ride a bike falls is the most common bruises, dislocated and contusion, skin tissue was scraped scrape bleeding, or tissue fluid seepage. Small scratches can use mercurochrome or crystal violet local daub, don't have to wrap. If near joints bruises, processing wound to apply some antiphlogistic ointment, and package, because it exposed the way, affect the activity, in the event of infection, also the joints. Facial abrasions, can use some mercurochrome, do not use crystal violet.
  10. In case of large bruise, must wash contaminated wounds with salt water, and then coated with anti-inflammatory ointment, with gauze bandage compression bandage.
  11. Contusion: light person for subcutaneous tissue, muscle ligament trauma; The person that weigh as head, chest, abdomen, and visceral organ injury. Such as injury pain, swelling, subcutaneous bleeding, oral and external injuries drugs, then compression bandage, raise the limb. When severe pain, can use of painkillers. < br /> part were dislocated limbs after collision force joint dislocation. It is better to reset immediately. If there is no reduction and knowledge skills, don't fiddle with, and temporary fixation should be done quickly, to a nearby hospital treatment. Fixed methods, such as the shoulder or elbow dislocation can bandage fixation. Pay attention to the mix. The evening want to rest well, bathe, frequently change underwear.
  12. After a long ride two feet will hyperemia swelling. During the break to lie on your back, as far as possible the high floor MATS, to promote the circulation of the blood. If there is a low gradient of slope, lie down and rest for a moment can be upside down or put the foot on the bicycle to have a rest. < br /> < br /> < br /> to do which activities to prepare the label before outdoor camping goods cycling: outdoor cycling, outdoor camping goods skills, ride a bike
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