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When the outdoor cycling drive-by-wire brake adjustment method

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
biking drive-by-wire brake adjustment method of time: 2012 - 05 - Source: 24 foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor skills as an amateur outdoor camping goods driver, hobby you like cycling, able to master certain maintenance methods and techniques, this will no doubt be the icing on the cake for your cycling life; Believe that a lot of fans friends and will be a few hands adjust their love long! ! < br /> now here I want to say is I debug the braking system. Because I found many cyclists brake are unsatisfactory, in this, combined with my experience and maintenance experience for many years, juyou do some discussion with you, for a topic! If you have please don't laugh as well! Thank you very much! ! < br /> the brake in today can be divided into several categories: hydraulic disc brake and disc brake by wire, brake oil pressure V, line V and crane brake, the common brake and so on, variety, not listed here. The emphasis now is on what you use more V brake; Plan as I know, mountain bike is 87% V brake, flat road cars and station wagon are also using V brake, so V brake in our cyclists and the proportion of more! < br /> don't self-righteous think V brake can not reach the effect of the hydraulic brake or a hydraulic disc brake. Can be confirmed after the play, can be reached, more even than oil brake! ! < br /> first, choose the brake line, perimeter that rely on you to have a layer of plastic, generally the SHIMANO has, inside also want good quality, can resist some SHIMANO is, hand brake parts, is commonly known as the brake handle; Believe that the average person would choose conjoined dip, so much the better, such as SHIMANO EF - 29, this does not need focus; Fission brake handle, SHIMANO M420 or M510, all is ok! < br /> second, choose V brake is relatively simple, can determine the quality of price, about RMB 40-50 V brake, performance certainly couldn't be better, it means of rotation is directly and frame system of friction screw, use for a long time is bad for making a nail, so when the choose and buy to value; Better V brake usually have a rotating seat, the brake system of rotation and nail is no friction, easy to protect the frame; When the choice, tents] SHIMANO - as well as reference - - - - - - M420 OR M600, these V brake are rotation; Special note: some cheap V brakes, brake arm is relatively soft, the brake when nature does not have a good performance, to reach the ideal result! < br /> choose good, can the V brake is installed on the frame, when don't have to put on brakes, first try the brake is smooth, with particular emphasis on: brake line core don't forget to take an oil! ! Helpful hints: brake line core must not be put in 'butter', 'butter' is bearing oil, its cohesion huge! In the brake line core of brake line pull, that would be counter-productive! Should put oil drain lubricating oil, such as oh FuShi, ZEFAL is very good, very economic! ! The feeling is very good, can be equipped with brake. Brake screw also want to put some oil, so that we can convenient adjustment. < br /> the last adjustment now! < br /> the first brake screw loosening, until the brake can free activities. Press V brake arm, so that the brake and circle just contact, pay attention to not press too hard. Then hold down the V brake, can gently brake screw ( Not too tight) Driving V brake arm a few times, and then again and again, and see if it is the face of the brake and the circle of the surface contact is very good, out tight brake screw loosening the readjustment, until the contact surface is flat. The gap must be flat, no so far. This allows the brake of the screw. Twist to note that when one hand to fixed on the brake skin, twisting the screw on the other side, don't make brake also twisted together, here to watch! Until hard twist, twist fixed. On the other side so it is adjustable; Set, try feel? ! If possible, to adjust the spring spring now, everybody see V brake, there is a small screw rotating at there, twist twist screws, make it on either side of the elastic, and when the wheels turn with brake friction is ok; Adjustable elastic should be large, dust or dirt sticking to the circle, won't make awful sound. Now your brake is great, and the rest is to use the skills. 。 。 。 。 。 < br /> so, completes the V brake adjustment work! ! < br /> there are some matters needing attention. ( Tent] 1; Brake is used long, brake skin will be left in circle above the powder, the brake effect is not good, so the solution is to use detergent to clean circle and the brake. 2; Good brake line can not drain, if it's SHIMANO brake line, can consider not to put oil, if is really the result is bad, consider again. < br /> try again brake, ok! ! Later, while others are car to special remind him - be careful not to mess brake oh! ! Especially the front brake, don't difficult moves, the autho! ! < br /> I wish you have a good car, good brake, and then bring you enjoy, good mood! ! < br /> when the outdoor camping goods cycling drive-by-wire brake adjustment method of tags: outdoor camping goods cycling, wire control brake, brake adjustment
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