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When it rains the weather travel tips

by:Foerstine     2020-05-18
When it rains the weather of time travel tips: 2011 - 09 - 28 < P> the map in a good take place, such as a raincoat pocket or backpack bag, and the water treatment. If you have to wear glasses, please first eaves out before wearing a baseball cap to cover rain hat, so you can make better. Meet the rain soon wear rain gear, not small and do not wear, because of the rain pour into skin to wear too late! It is advisable to rain gear with two raincoats, rain pants with condole supports can prevent the slide. < / P> < P> always in a convenient take place rain gear, such as bag side of the bag, bag or main bag at the top. Short gaiters can prevent the rain from the pant leg into hiking boots. Record in the rain is a chore, available sealing and packaging laptop to waterproof plastic bag. Are sold on the market a laptop, can prevent the paper due to water soaking or ink. < / P> < P> remember, damp and bare skin than on the raw cotton skin for heat preservation. No matter how to boast its waterproof backpack manufacturers, a waterproof cover with cover outside the backpack is necessary. Backpack clothing, sleeping bags, etc are to be wrapped in waterproof bag or plastic bag, shell preservation box can be used to pack fragile folding boom food, medicinal materials, film or matches and other sundry. < / P>
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