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What should pay attention to at high temperature for outdoor sports

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
What must pay attention to the outdoor sports time at high temperature: 2011 - 08 - 17 < P> the weather is so hot, for travelers, and the peak period of a new round of outdoor camping goods sports. No matter what are you going to choose which kind of outdoor sports, the so-called military forces, hay come first, to let you without scruple in summer sport cells, start making right now. < / P> < P> like wading travelers, equipment choice first essentials nature is waterproof. Wading equipment usually includes basic mountaineering and rock climbing equipment and related water equipment. < / P> < P> wading backpack choose average backpack can, can be carried in wading equipment and climbing supplies, according to the experienced travelers, wading is use to ride more baggage! Carry items had better use plastic bags wrapped into a backpack again, try to reduce the size of our backpack. < / P> < P> waterproof bag in wading, inevitably close contact with water, and sometimes a deep groove rapids, backpack equipped with crucial in a waterproof bag. < / P> < P> select the most exquisite wading shoes, experts suggest not to use in sliding shoes, and should choose waterproof wading shoes, both resistance and smooth effect and not easy to wear and tear, size must fit, just type with two fingers grip the stronger is the best. Hand-woven straw sandals and sports sandals with non-slip function can also be non-slip shoes, and special stimulation. < / P> < P> 'fours' wading often appear, especially climbing empty-handed, easy to make hand injury. To choose glass cutting work hand glue cotton gloves, can prevent the spike pierced, wade the stream would its anti wear, if stumble in the creek, to handle the support can also increase the friction. < / P> < P> sweat underwear and quick dry underwear clothing choose quick dry clothes and perspiration is necessary. Special mountain leisure trousers, made of materials with drainage perspiration function, five to ten minutes was temperature drying. < / P> < P> in addition, the knee, cane, leggings, raincoat, polarizer, camping tents, lighting appliances, climbing equipment and the necessary field safety emergency supplies should be taken into account. < / P> < P> some representative cave in sichuan, such as wenxin sihai has started to offer visitors adventure programs. Experienced caving enthusiasts say, feel the dark in the cave and the fear of losing their sense of direction, is the most exciting things, therefore, how to overcome the fear of the unknown when the caving, and how to prevent getting lost in a cave, and became the key. < / P> < P> fluorescent light and strong light flashlight in caverns using fluorescent lighting effect is best, appropriate thread tied to hang in the body and used with headlights and strong light flashlight. Light brings great lighting range to eliminate fear a supplementary role. < / P> < P> straw chooses moisturizing kettle pot kettle and water purification. Caverns of water due to see the sun for a long time, contains all kinds of minerals, in one thousand, in the hole for water purification and shall be simple filter to drink. < / P> < P> chalk mark and guide map marked flag when encounter bifurcation hole and help guide line. Guide line it is better to wear thin nylon thread. < / P> < P> large candles to light, fire and testing the oxygen in the air when rest, when they got lost in distress along the direction of the flame, looking for the export of oxygen. < / P> < P> first aid kit is best sealed transparent plastic box and light weight. Box have several kind of different varieties of cold medicine, antiallergic, antivenoms medicine, intestines and stomach medicine, antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs, such as upper respiratory throat anti-inflammatory drugs. < / P> < P> cycling route choice is usually very complicated, there are mountains, also have flat roads, and time is relatively long, therefore, on the choice of cycling equipment, should strive to achieve energy saving and comfortable, one car. < / P> < P> the frame is an important part of the mountain, according to the structure of a rigid frame body, soft body. Titanium alloy hard body frame, quality of a material is lighter, flexibility is good, but when a rack body climbing soft and the price on the high side; Carbon fiber frame hard, very good for climbing, but in case of onslaught, frame body appear crack and even broken; Flipping manganese steel of various performance is very good, it is a bit heavy; Aluminum alloy light weight, low cost, but the downside is the turbulence of the slope body collapse, short service life of a rack. < / P> < P> before the front fork suspension fork is good or bad determines the speed and security of rider. Front fork respectively with pressure, glue stick, hydraulic oil, spring damping effect of several kinds of technology, etc. < / P> < P> tire tire materials, grain and grain of the arrangement, shape and depth determines the performance of tyres, different road should choose different tyres. < / P> < P> hand dial, dial before and after the variable speed system is a major part of the variable speed system, the selection and commissioning determines the speed of change. < / P> < P> the braking system is a guarantee of safety, now use morer is V brake and disc brake. < / P> < P> in addition, the cycling jerseys, cycling shoes, helmet, gloves, and the choice of anti goggles, should also meet the comfortable requirement as far as possible. < / P> < P> a: focus on outdoor drinking water safety outdoor kettle is focus on the next: photography knowledge popularization, A) Common terminology: photography < / P>
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