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What should be paid attention to minors to take part in outdoor sports?

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
What should be paid attention to minors to take part in outdoor camping goods sports? Time: 2011 08 - 29 < P> tianjin ms zhao said, with a great deal of apprehension over the weekend with 12 years old daughter, she in a large outdoor activities organized by the club. But, because of the rough, long her to give up halfway to hiking plan, take a cable car to get off, and children is enthusiastic, insist to attend. < / P> < P> she had to be entrusted to the club staff to take care of children. In an unguarded moment, but children in the middle of the mountain, rolling down from the rocks, facial, leg fracture multiple injuries. Look at children's suffering, ms zhao both love and guilt, she decided not to take children to participate in the large outdoor sports in the future. < / P> < P> the first YiFuYuan AnYiDa doctors think, now a lot of primary and middle school students' activity space is narrow, study pressure big, at ordinary times, do not pay attention to the body exercise, physical quality decline. Some children have P. E. at ordinary times appear pale, black head with sweat, soft limbs, eyes, etc. , this shows that they exercise every day is not enough. Exercise is an important means to promote the healthy growth of children, can accelerate the body's metabolism, stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, increase lung capacity. Children should be more into the wild to take up some outdoor sports, every day to do some more fast, body stretch big movement. < / P> < P> so, you want the child to participate in what kind of outdoor sports? At the same time, would you like to participate in juvenile something dangerous, such as mountain climbing and other outdoor sports? < / P>
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