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What material down sleeping bag general filler _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-24
The sleeping bag type on the market the same, to sell on the market at present the sleeping bag according to the material divided into down sleeping bag with cotton, fleece bag here would say. Down sleeping bag down material and can be divided into white goose down, duck down, grey duck down, waterfowl, etc. Warm degrees per unit weight was the most effect, down sleeping bag is warm, easy to squeeze, easy to stay, a longer lifespan, unfavorable factor is the cost price is higher, water absorption, wet warm degrees of the sleeping bag is rather poor, dry unless takes more than a day to dry completely. Down there are mainly three performance indicators: the first is the filling weight, 400 grams of goose down sleeping bags, for example, 1100 grams of duck down sleeping bags, the weight is not to say that sleeping bag weight, but to fill the turnning down. Second index is downcontent, feather is composed of pinna and velvet, pinna has a supporting role, mainly from warm fleecy. Downcontent expressed as a percentage, such as the 80 velvet said 100 wool content of a unit of weight is 80 units. Duck down from 85 to 90, generally the highest downcontent downcontent of goose down to 90 to 95. The expansion of the third indicator is velvet degree, degree of swelling ( Fillpower) Refers to an ounce down in 68. How many cubic inches, 4 g pressure down the expansion degree is higher, the thermal properties of the wool, the better. Generally the expansion of the domestic duck down degrees at around 450, the expansion of the domestic goose down from 450 to 600. Sometimes found on the market particularly cheap feather products, such as 100 yuan a down jacket, 150 yuan a duvet bag, such products are generally not optional. Because feather and two ordinary people couldn't spot inspection index: oxygen index and cleanliness. Feather need to go through multi-channel professional cleaning grease program, some vendors have primary down a little bit after cleaning is make it finished products, these products can't use, simple identification method is to use a wooden stick on finished products, there will be dust leakage, smell smell, if cleaning, the water is smelly. Feather itself is high quality product, hope you the choose and buy the real good product. The wet resistance of cotton fiber cotton sleeping bag is better and wet sleeping bag still can keep warm, quick drying, low price, but a little heavier than down at the sleeping bag and bad extrusion and loading is a backpack, space compared to the short service life. Many different kinds of cotton, quality varies. The most common spray adhesive cotton, cotton to four hole, seven holes cotton, cotton, 3 m POLARGUARD3D/HV cotton, etc. Packing density per meter funk says, if 250 g/m, 300 g/m. Compared two kinds of fillers, feather and fiber cotton feather warm degree is higher, under the same degree of warm can realize the lightest weight; Cotton warm degree is relatively low, the packing is big; Feather is expensive, cotton is very cheap; Fiber cotton sleeping bag can be directly machine wash, down sleeping bags more trouble washing; Feather humidity will lose almost all of the heat preservation ability, and not easy to do; Fiber cotton have certain waterproof performance, keep certain heat preservation performance, after wet and dry faster. As long as you don't go cold harsh environment, generally cotton sleeping bag can buy Chinese hole for the winter, the sleeping bag is comfortable temperature scale above minus five degrees, this camping sleeping bag size and the weight is suitable, the key is cheap.
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