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What is the real season tent

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
What is the real time: four seasons tent - 2011 10 - 27 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> recently saw a lot of people are paying attention to the four seasons tent camps, here I also want to talk about his understanding of the four seasons account. < / p> < p> a lot of friends at the sight of the four seasons, is recommended three seasons and enhanced with snow skirt, I think. < / p> < p> let's take a look at the account three seasons and what's the difference between the use environment of the four seasons account: account used in spring, summer, autumn three season, in spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons account to use. Looks like is nonsense, ha ha. < / p> < p> to see what's the difference between the two environments? The answer is a cold winter, windy, it might snow. < / p> < p> the third season of account and the account of the four seasons on the function should have what differentiation? < / p> < p> one or more cold, will have better heat preservation performance. But the leading role of this job is sleeping and sleeping MATS, tent can do then? Wind, the wind can avoid wind chill effect, can help to keep warm. But considering the wind at the same time, don't forget to account of the four seasons is not only for winter use, if it is too stuffy how to do spring, summer, autumn, this is an issue to consider. < / p> < p> 2, windy, it is likely to snow. That will need to account of the four seasons is three quarters account stronger ability to resist wind, KangXue pressure. < / p> < p> three, colder, there might be snow. In this case, in the camp, let's imagine what you will do? Whether doing, I want to in addition to the snowball fights and must be on the outside, most of the time you will be hiding in the tent. Anyway I winter led more than 20 times what people never see pave piece of cloth of the landlord in the snow. < / p> < p> OK, since in the tent of the time is longer, so according to the principle of the design of the tent, and the longer you stay in a tent, should have a more comfortable space within the account. Considering sometimes work such as cooking, I think there should be a spacious account in four seasons account space and the foyer space. < / p> < p> so why do comparison to analyze the three seasons with snow skirt the account I don't think the four seasons. < / p> < p> a, warm, three quarter account snow skirt can prevent air convection, have the effect of wind. But I want to ask next: the three other seasons? If this tent is only for use in winter, it should be called winter account instead of the four seasons. < / p> < p> someone mentioned, we design a detachable snow dress well. I don't know if there is any brand in the world to do so, but I think it is a good method, but I have never seen such a tent, foreign professional big tent why don't you do that, I think I may have their reasons. I can think of the reason is that: to remove with zipper, high cost of weight is too big, not even removed because a circle has a half zipper does not light. If use Velcro to remove, no Velcro on the vacancy of easy air leakage to reach the purpose. < / p> < p> in the end I want to say: snow skirt this design, professional do tent brand in the world has to be eliminated in a few years, even professional mountain tents are very few in this design. Foreigner why don't I don't know, I don't have snow skirt, air oppressed is difficult to solve the problem. < / p> < p> 2, ability to resist wind, KangXue pressure. The difference, is there a difference? Doesn't seem to be. Wind and snow resistance, mainly rely on the structure of the curtain rod, the thickness and wind rope and hit the nail fixed point. Bill did not change the structure of the three season, with what can meet the requirements of account of the four seasons? < / p> < p> three or more spacious account in space and the hall space. Ha ha, don't stir, reason with 2 no distinction on structure, with what is account of the four seasons? < / p>
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