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What is a role of team leader

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
How the leader is a role of time: 2011 - 09 - 22 < P> the team leader's responsibility is to maintain the outdoor environment as much as possible to their original state, under the principle of helping people to complete a safe, happy and successful outdoor trip. Team is bound to have a wealth of experience, professional skills should be suitable for the character of the outdoor, but do not have to be in one of the most experienced, also not be the most popular. < / P> < P> the leader of the physical ability to be able to keep up with everybody's footsteps, but do not have to be one of the most robust in the team. , however, the leader must have good judgment and the rich sense, and sincerely for the sake of the whole team, along the way the leader may also play a variety of roles at the same time, for example: < / P> < P> a, security defenders: all outdoor team one of the biggest concerns is safe, and will take care of safety must be from the planning stage, the leader should make sure that everyone has the appropriate equipment, experience and abilities, and choose the route for the overall, moderate difficulty and safe. If the players during the fatigue, loss of patience, excitement, no experience, they are careless. The manager will take this as a warning and vigilant, observe, politely remind, constantly apparent12 even when necessary. If outdoor team must make a difficult decision, as the weather or the time must turn back, for example, the difficult, often also want opening by the manager as soon as possible, so as to avoid the situation has become critical. < / P> < P> planner: if a group wanted to take a proper place and to complete a successful outside, I must pay attention to details. Team leader although all don't have to draw up plans, but must be responsible for monitoring, make sure all the necessary preparations were performed. < / P> < P> three, experts: some questions or need advice, give opinions, is a very important role the leader. Training, experience, ability, is a precondition to do well in this role. To be a good team leader, if you don't have outdoor skills in the team to the best people, but will need enough experience, might produce outdoor camping goods mind. In addition to the outdoor camping goods professional knowledge, also need a lot of other skills. How much the leader should know, first aid, rescue equipment, expedition, climate, all understand. < / P> < P> 4, teacher: if the accompanying inexperienced players, teaching outdoor skills has become part of a team leader role. Usually this is occasionally for advice or demonstration. However, if some of the players lack of security lines need skills, may be temporarily suspended, at that time, on the spot would be wise to some lessons for them. Many outdoor expert found that when they teach their hard-won knowledge feel a sense of accomplishment, but knowledge should also be cautious. The novice may be poor because of their technology and mortification, or the risk of being practical and shrimp have to go back. This is not a braggart, had better not directed at other people said: 'you are so wrong' you should say: 'I think it is useful to me,' do I give you see, but if someone make the move, are dangerous directly by the local guide is necessary at this moment. < / P> < P> 5, coach: the role and the teacher is a little different. Coach besides professor knowledge, plus encourage and cheer, to help you overcome the difficulties. Who hasn't felt bad luck, or facing a great obstruct moment? But the real obstruct is often a person's confidence. To help overcome difficulties, not only help him personally, but also can make renovation team move forward smoothly. Coaching done right, when you help others to maximum power, after watching them smile, is the leader in the process of a kind of very special joy. < / P> < P> 6, first proposed: outdoor travel process, is a series of decisions: what time should we get up? When to start out? The decision itself is often not difficult, but must be made in a timely manner. The answers to these questions, the leader don't have to be assertive, but can at the right time, to set up public discussion of these issues. < / P> < P> 7, moderator: discuss once you begin, have different opinions of dispute will be released. Ideas and open discussion is everyone's opinion is very good, but could also lead to hesitate like: what are we going to choose the road go? Or controversial, such as: you are wrong! Any leadership roles, no matter whether to formally appointed, has a certain weight, can play a role in this situation. If outdoor camping goods decision seems to technical mistake or it is very dangerous; If you anger rising, or discuss without focus all the time, often can be solved in the leader narain, move on. < / P> < P> eight, defenders of the environment: outdoor who must try our best to make outdoor environment is not damaged, so that people can enjoy the same fun. The leader should lead by example, behavior and skills to use its influence to the environment to the lower, the better. If you don't listen to other team members, should again, can be coaxed to begin with, when necessary, to stick it out. < / P>
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