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What are the classification of the sleeping bag daily maintenance _ - Nanjing Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
Today we will bring you sleeping bag daily maintenance, hope that through our introduction to let you to nanjing Foerstine problem such as outdoor products company has a more in-depth understanding of the sleeping bag maintenance should pay attention to the problem: 1) After using the best collection again in the sun. 2) Don't have to had better not in compression bag at ordinary times, had better be hanging in the wardrobe, also need to bask in the sun regularly, sterilization, when used in the compression bag. 3) Can buy a sleeping bag bladder or make a set inside the sleeping bag when using, not easy dirty sleeping bag. 4) About cotton sleeping bag cleaning: the sleeping bag is expected to turn to outside to wash, affix the magic button, in order to avoid hang bag fabric hair, it is ok to use neutral detergent, finally, rinse clean with water, rinse several times more. After sleeping bags don't often wash, usually travel in line. 5) Down sleeping bag can not dry cleaning, can damage down the warmth retention property. Down sleeping bag is recommended to use the tank sleeping bags, sleeping bags daily maintenance can reduce the number of washing. Dirty words can use special cleaner will dirty parts processing. Recommend you to read this article: the classification of the sleeping bag manufacturer to tell you what are the common sleeping bags have 3 kinds of shapes, mi type, envelope type and beer barrel type. Ma mi also called mummy type or mummy, this sleeping bag shoulder width narrow feet, generally between 75 and 85 cm, shoulder width steps 35 to 45 cm width. Ma mi bag is the same weight to be able to achieve good heat preservation effect of sleeping bag shape, suitable for use in cold seasons; The envelope bag, as the name implies, shoulders and feet wide, like an envelope, this sleeping bag is loose, suitable shape and the warm summer season wide; Hybrid combination of both before sleeping bag, most is the envelope sleeping bag and a hat of microphones. The international popular sleeping bag is XiaoFangMao, streamlined body. Before the great circle of cap both increase the weight, and not conducive to keep warm. ' daily maintenance' and another camping sleeping bag manufacturer of an article can give you some help, we will in the subsequent to elaborate more on the content of the nanjing Foerstine outdoor camping goods supplies company, if you don't want to miss, suggested to collect our site!
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