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Use opportunely bamboo field activities

by:Foerstine     2020-04-20
Field activities of bamboo opportunely time: 2011 - 08 - 10 < P> in the south of our country mountainous area with all kinds of bamboo, if travelers have mastered a variety of use of bamboo, then your activity will benefit a lot in the field. Here is to introduce the some methods of how to use the bamboo in the field. < / P> < P> a, water: the relatively large diameter bamboo cut to 1. 5 - 2 meters of bamboo tube, sharpening the long sticks to hit every bamboo bamboo tube wear, thus become the water containers. This kind of bamboo tube is suitable for the camp and water are far apart for water use. Also can use small bamboo small water containers, deserve to go up, portable. < / P> < P> pot use: choice in more than five centimeters in diameter bamboo, cut it into 60 - 80 cm long bamboo tube, one end of the bamboo tube to keep intact the bamboo. With banana leaves or DongYe rolled with bamboo tube length equal cylinder in a bamboo tube inside, in will wash clean after rice poured into the barrel, injection water, the water than 10 meters high - 15 cm, the bamboo tube with the leaves or banana plug tightly, will spill mouth upward XieJia cooking on the fire. Because there is water in the heat transfer effect, so bamboo tube won't burn out. Usually 40 minutes cooked rice. Cook with bamboo tube, want to often turn to spill, let its uniform heat, if don't banana or DongYe lining in the drum, also can cook, after the meal cooked need only parts of the bamboo tube burn cut, split the bamboo tube for two and a half, can take out the rice. With bamboo cooking method of boiling water and cook. Cook for mixing available when operating a longer than to spill his stick. < / P> < P> as a cup, basin: cut thickness moderate bamboo growth, about 15 cm at one end with bamboo, the other end into a 45-degree slope, exploitation and smooth, with a knife in a glass of water or soup. When making if the bamboo in bamboo leaves, can make it have a spoon. Will be thick bamboo tube on both ends of the left. From open to spill a third place, is a good dishes the bamboo bowl spoon. < / P> < P> four, do the bed board: damp camping, can cut down some thick bamboo, to cut it into two meters long bamboo tube, using machetes in each bamboo knot cut bamboo knot. Cut broken seam should pay attention to each knot knife don't in the same line, each bamboo knot were cut after the break, with the sword from the side of the bamboo tube, the bamboo tube has been opened to be pressing can get a piece of bamboo raft. 2 - 3 pieces of bamboo can be paved with a bed. If not greater, with several small bamboo root, one by one, with bamboo vine or dismiss binding is firm is also used as the bed board. < / P> < P> 5, bundle: choose not too old bamboo, bamboo epidermis of the toughness, according to the need to cut into the appropriate thickness, is the bamboo, used to bundle. Strand bamboo grew woven bamboo grew on the rope, can be used to climb the steep. < / P> < P> 6, the fire: bamboo epidermis containing oil, particularly flammable. In the wild in the rain can't dry kindling, bamboo surface water can be wiped dry, use a knife to the skin scraping bamboo into filaments, as kindling, the effect is very good. < / P>
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