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Under the bad environment, tent

by:Foerstine     2020-05-09
Under the bad environment, tent method of time: 2011 - 10 - 26 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods tent a, slope < / p> < p> < p> there is often met in mountain climbing up route. In general, found a tilt on the slope of the ground it is possible ( If can't find the article refer to the third, fourth) , the key is you go to sleep at night when sleeping bags and dampproof mat friction small, people will slide down, cannot fall asleep when slope is bigger. < / p> < p> 1, two people to build outdoor camping goods tent to choose two at the bottom of the tent tree was too close to camp, if you don't move, under the two big rock on the bags in the middle of their tree or stone, so on the head when you go to sleep at night, at the bottom of the feet on the pack to sleep, actually such method is half sleep standing up, I'm a camping around 30 degrees on the hillside, four hours after the foot is very afflictive, alternating foot bed one night. < / p> < p> 2, if it is a good solution, choosing a camping tent side by trees or rocks, put the bag in the middle of their tree or stone, this whole weight on the edge of the lateral pressure in backpack, sleep left side can guarantee a good night's sleep. < / p> < p> 2, tent pole is absent. < / p> < p> this possibility is the tent and tent pole points open, sometimes don't have, is sometimes take tent and take tent pole members scattered ( Last year some of my friends cook too wear happens) , and most of the fracture damage is tent pole, encounter this kind of situation we want to be clear, tent pole supporting role is actually called a few cloth rod, < / p> < p> if you are not in the camp, snow-capped mountains, wind weather strength requirement is not very big, so in the wild is easier to find alternative products, the best is the bamboo, toughness strength, if you cannot find, use a knife cut a long thin wooden sticks, almost don't find LaoZhi principle is to find new branch, don't get wet branches to find branch, so that the branch have greater resilience. < / p> < p> was added to see another post and introduces the field of lightning protection method is one of the metal tent pole in ten meters away from the tent where do lightning rod, obviously want to camp out at this time only with branches instead of tent pole. < / p> < p> three, camping at the bottom of the area is too small or too much can't clean up the rocks. This kind of situation is more complex, according to the flexible use of geographical situation. < / p> < p> 1, if the bottom uneven, and no thicker mat easy bad bottom, usually can find dry grass or leaves spread the bottom fill. < / p> < p> 2, if the camping area is too small, and can't clean up, can't, only put the tent off, where sleep somewhere, the key is to don't hung up at the bottom of the tent, avoid crushed base cloth. < / p> < p> 3, this kind of situation is special, is a camp at the top of the mountain, to find you find a piece of flat land, there is big stone in the middle of the spirit out, a dig with the knife, to take root, under can't, have to sleep. Obviously if the tent directly to the pressure on the stone, dangling fabric is easy to tear. < / p> < p> adopted method is to put the tent poles tent when tightening as far as possible, even can find a few stones the tent pole, let its bend larger amplitude, the result is not open account at the end of cloth is loose, pressure on the following stone cloth will not collapse after a tight. < / p> < p> I was sleep and companion, stone resting in the middle, all sleep sideways, ah. If the bending is too big, of course, be afraid of the tent pole bent, broken can be like the twigs instead. < / p> < p> 4, alcoves, caves, shigang < / p> < p> this is in very poor condition, that is to say there is no place to camp. So I want to ask, tent is used to do what, well, the first rain, of course, if we don't have to set up camp if there is no rain, there is a second, have certain heat preservation effect, well, if you are sleeping bag can satisfy the requirement of temperature so why we don't want to camp out, I'll sleep, of course sometimes there are bugs harassment, is not very serious belt is a bear. < / p> < p> if the weather is also very poor, ah, what bad things let you met, only in the final part! First within accounts, wrapped dampproof mat and sleeping bags, of course, the inside of the space to leave a bigger as far as possible, the clothes or some of the items on the top of the head position, so that the head part of the cloth to prop up, easy breathing, then put in the above account outside, well, a nest of rain, heat preservation, insect-resistant is set up. < / p> < p> the above several ways I'm just beginning, I believe you are there any other method. , of course, the most important thing is that every time travel, try to do the plan in detail, water, camps, and the number of team should be consider to be clear about, the difficulty and the accident in front of the thought of, don't last appeared situation began to panic. < / p> < p> the wild camping under the bad environment condition is more complex, according to the geographical environment, adjust measures to local conditions, flexible use, guarantee a higher quality of sleep, good for the second day mountain reserve strength. < / p>
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