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by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
- - - - - - - - - - - - The two days of time for outdoor camping goods activities should take what to write: - 2011 11 - 18 source: tent author: outdoor tent < p> during outdoor activities, some people a little bit of small package is installed, some people have a big bag, very seriously, make as if very painful, to the camp open on see, is all some useless things. So, outdoor camping goods activities, what should you take to write it? < / p> < p> a, food: < / p> < p> in general, the activities of the two days, bring their own food is two lunch, whether you take bread or cookies, add meat or something, not more than 2 kg; Common food if need you bear, it is not more than 2 jins, add in beef jerky peanut chocolate, if you bring food more than 5 kg, it is a waste, general combined will under 4 jins. < / p> < p> water: < / p> < p> this question to fluctuate a lot. If it is summer, it will take a lot of water, but other things would be lighter; If it is winter, water can take a little less, but the clothes sleeping bag will be a lot more, and in some places water is rich, in some places water scarcity, some activities heavy some moving beam is small, this is big floating. Basic calculate by each 2 l, it is 4 kg ( On average) And, of course, if you need to burn some water to wash a shower - — Sorry, we only provide steel wire brush. Three, clothing < / p> < p> : < / p> < p> this problem more depressed, should and talk together, water hose more clothes with less, whereas, too. Winter clothes are much heavier than summer clothes, let's travel by the spring clothes, walk outside with a more basic fleece is enough, most with two pairs of socks and underwear, individual could take in pants, 5 kg, if take a lot of, you are either physical great legendary Sherpa, either you is to have a clean fart several sets of clothes, you want to change a day ah, excuse me, you go to the travel agency activities, you can't stand this sin. < / p> < p> 4, sleeping bags: < / p> < p> fleece summer sleeping bag and winter down, the difference is very big, in the spring cotton sleeping bag more bad of the scale of 10 degrees, absolutely under 4 jins, if more than 4 jins, that it is better to take a quilt out? < / p> < p> 5, sleeping bags, clothing bags, bags < / p> < p> add up should be less than 1 kg? Six, backpacks < / p> < p> : < / p> < p> the za don't say the very top of backpack, take the average 55 l backpack and generally can reach 6 kg backpack is about the same, won't it go far, moreover, the package is heavy, have a plenty of account with good package. < / p> < p> 7, other: < / p> < p> what including headlights, glasses, POTS, cups, gloves, at most 2 kg. < / p> < p> 8, furnace, tank, mountaineering < / p> < p> what of, are generally have physical super good person in charge, you don't have to worry about this, the weight is not important. < / p> < p> 9, tent: < / p> < p> single is in commonly 4 jins, and can be big tent with separate, so, each person is up to a maximum of 4 jins. < / p> < p> 10, sleeping pad: < / p> < p> some less than 1 kg, some focus on air flushing, on average, just 1 kg < / p> < p> so, also 31 pounds, and these equipment are in accordance with the heaviest proportion to calculate, in fact, my own personal light camping, add up all the equipment has 16 jins, you believe that? actually don't have to bring a lot of things to go out, the above thing can cut point reduction is, of course, better equipment is more light, but not necessarily fit, sometimes we go out together, girls back without moving the natural have boys back, don't put the outdoor sports as sin can suffer bought out. < / p> < p> if some people really like to take something to eat, it is not too big relations, we go out to other not afraid, afraid not to eat, we can help you to eliminate a lot of eat, don't worry. < / p>
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