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Travel, some sign of weather changes

by:Foerstine     2020-05-18
Time to travel when the weather changes some of the signs: 2013 - 06 - June 18 days, doll face. Under the vagaries of the weather, we often meet some sudden situation of travel, let the joy and pain of journey in the episode, if we can according to the weather changes some of the signs to do some preparation in advance, if you can avoid some embarrassing situation? < br /> < br /> < br /> sign of climate change: < br /> 1. Valley of the wind blowing from the top of the mountain valley during the day and night from the valley to the top of the hill < br /> 2. And the increase in the number of silk cloud in the morning, and then dark clouds slowly sinking < br /> 3. Clouds to walk very fast, and has the trend of increase, this is a precursor of the storm < br /> 4. Sudden changes in the direction of the wind is blowing more big, at the same time accompanied by the dark clouds blowing < br /> 5. After dry or foggy, suddenly turned for the better visibility < br /> 6. Early morning fog filled the valley, and the night is still not dissipate < br /> 7. A big halo around the sun during the day, a small halos around the moon at night, this is a sign of strong wind < br /> 8. Variable stars before dawn, it might rain < br /> 9. The evening air temperature increased, the night is warm, and have hot feeling, a sign of rain < br /> 10. Half valley clouds rise, may be the storm one million < br /> in addition, when the weather changes, nature and wildlife will also change, if you watch, also can predict the future weather conditions: sounds and smells: when the humidity increases, the voice can spread to further, and easier to identify - smell - - - - - - - - - - - - Saturated moist air as amplifier, is a good conductor. For example, in some places can't hear the sound of the train, can be in one day can clearly hear the train before it began to rain. < br /> body changes: when the weather gets worse, will feel tight hair curly hair, more is not easy to comb. If it becomes easy to winding or is no longer as straight as usually easy to comb, probably will be a storm coming, any rheumatoid arthritis, corns or related symptoms, when air humidity increase will feel pain and uncomfortable. < br /> watch fire: if fireworks firmly rise, that won't have too big change in the weather, still will be very good, if flickered fireworks, or rise and fall, may be on the right side of the storm. On nice days, day and night temperature difference is big, encounter cold air becomes small drops of water or water vapor form frost, so the cold at night, and the next day the weather is better, the night has the dew, the next day the weather, if you see a spider web water droplets in the morning, the day will be fine, if see frost situation in the morning, the herald and would be a good weather.
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