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Travel long distances walked the donkey line readiness items

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
Travel long distances walked the donkey line preparations for time: 2011 - 12 - 06 source: camping tents, author: camping tents < p> long hikes donkey line means within one to two days for a long hike, for example, in 12 hours on foot, 60 km or 100 km activities such as hiking 24 hours. < / p> < p> a, physical preparation < / p> < p> first for his own physical limits and health have a certain understanding, and can moderate pre-season training camp to prepare in advance. < / p> < p> 2, understand the line < / p> < p> to know the distance between each section and road conditions. Cement road, bluestone road or hard dirt road? Which place need to pay attention to traffic safety? Which places have resupply? After fully understand these for the whole trip to have a reasonable arrangement. < / p> < p> 3, equipment supplies < / p> < p> the load for a long time you appendage on foot? < / p> < p> equipment as far as possible concise, equipment is divided into essential and optional equipment and equipment. < / p> < p> optional equipment, not everyone take, such as public drug, spare shoes and raincoat ( According to the condition of the weather) And so on. The necessary equipment is an essential part of each, such as warm clothes, water, food and personal medication, mobile phone, etc. < / p> < p> 4, choose shoes, prevent blisters < / p> < p> best rotation using two pairs of different texture, insoles hiking shoes or sneakers. A bigger size will be more comfortable in the late. Hiking shoes, the sole hard, highway long hikes unfavorable choose hiking shoes. < / p> < p> a long flat crossing, is bound to cause foot extreme fatigue. If equipped with two pairs of different quality, different shoe insoles, change XieXing walk every hour, and often change the way of walking, rotation foot stress point, the whole foot force is more uniform, and mobilize the legs more muscle groups involved in sports, can reduce fatigue and pain, you can walk further. < / p> < p> new shoes easily leading to the foot discomfort, stimulate blisters formation, so formally participated in the activities, it is best to wear the shoes worn by practice. Experienced trailwalker advice on toes back before wearing socks with moderate Vaselineointment ( Vaseline) Cream, or with Microporetape ( The doctor fabric) Separate the toes individual dress, or the attempt with adhesive plaster and bubble desert two-side glue stick in the foot '. Participants can try different methods during practice, choose the most suitable one. < / p> < p> the LACES are tightened, make good shoes bag feet. Sole is thinner can add a pair of insoles, or wear thick socks. Generally better wear thick elastic bottom sneakers, heavier hard mountaineering shoes, walking for a long time blisters. Many people walk not over hundred kilometers main reason is that shoes didn't choose good foot blisters and give up. Put on thick dry socks feet and soles, friction can be reduced, to reduce the chance of blisters. < / p> < p> socks: thick, dry socks, to spare, in a few times more, can stay dry feet, can prevent blisters. < / p> < p> five, the foot note < / p> < p> 1, on foot is a kind of whole body movement. < / p> < p> note through the swing arm to balance the body, adjust the pace. < / p> < p> aperiodically transform walking posture, such as go run, run 5 minutes every hour. Can rotate foot stress point, the whole sole uniform stress, also used to more muscle, let the alternating muscle can get rest. Flat road relaxed, use thigh calf. Uniform pace, have a sense of rhythm. < / p> < p> 2, don't chase others, their own pace. Had better go walking speed is not out of; Don't run fast when slow, stop, when to keep uniform. < / p> < p> 3, when feel toes or foot pain, you are the only feet walking side, the local stress of such cause foot, after a long time will be very painful. < / p> < p> 4, shoulder heavy back pretty, with abdominal breathing. < / p> < p> 5, uphill to take a deep breath, on the front. < / p> < p> downhill, if acceleration, or run, the body back, lower center of gravity, it is not easy to fall. < / p> < p> 6, select partners < / p> < p> group personnel the marching pace might be different, some people used to go faster, some people walk very slowly. If people walk fast walk fast, go too slow people desperately chase, in front of people likely to drag across the back of the people, being dragged across the people finally will occupy the whole people. Similarly, walk fast people always walk slowly, such as energy consumption will also increase, total feel to heat up. < / p> < p> this is marching pace not harmonious, had better choose rhythm when the candidates so close to the people, people want to control the walk fast, walk slowly also appropriate to speed up a little. < / p>
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