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Together to get to know the tent material and performance

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
To understand the tent material and performance time together: - 2011 10 - Tents 25 source: author: outdoor camping goods tent < p> the stand or fall of outdoor tent is a factor in the design, but more important is the selection of materials. Materials can be divided into the fabric, the material, base, poles, etc. < / p> < p> in general, the same label fabrics, density, tensile strength and waterproof pressure is not the same. Compared with different fabrics, nylon silk thin and light, choose suitable for hiking and camping. < / p> < p> thick Oxford cloth, but heavier, camping or small groups to use for the production of tents. Look from the waterproof coating, PVC waterproof is good, but in the winter, hard, brittle, prone to crease or fracture. PU coating can not only overcome the defect of PVC, waterproof is very good. Many times of PU coating, waterproof pressure can reach more than 2000 mm. < / p> < p> in the tent material usually with permeability good nylon silk cotton type. From the perspective of the use of nylon silk performance is better than cotton. Camping tents easily absorb moisture, dries not easy to mildew, cotton nylon silk is easy to do not easy mold. < / p> < p> the main functions of the bottom of the tent is waterproof, moisture-proof, dustproof. The selection of base also determines the level of tents. Low-grade tents usually do PE base, also some use PVC, is of low cost, double the PE film, although has the function of waterproof, moistureproof, but wear easily leakage, winter is the bane of the PVC base, and PU coating made base of Oxford cloth, whether consistence, cold resistance, water proofing property is much more than the PE. < / p> < p> the tent poles, as a skeleton of a tent. The merits of the skeleton material not only affect the service life of tents, also affects the stability of the tent. Early tent poles are often choose reinforced material, which not only increase the weight of the tent, and back stretch is poor. < / p> < p> improved tent frame chose fiberglass poles, reduced its component, resilience, and the cost is low, so the tent manufacturer to choose this kind of material do more poles, but the strength of fiberglass poles and robustness are not very ideal, if by bold poles to increase strength, but also increase the weight. < / p> < p> ideal poles of aluminum alloy material, with high strength alloy pipe connection poles, not only high strength, and the quality is light, back stretch is very good, especially in aerospace aluminum EASTON poles, various indicators have reached excellent condition, so much for high-grade tents. < / p> < p> tents pros and cons of key performance indicators usually by wind, rain, good stability for the standard, alpine tent also require light quality, small volume. A performance excellence mountain tents, usually selects the high quality nylon laceration resistant structure of woven fabric, plus more than 2000 mm waterproof coating, waterproof degrees pressure rubber processing craft on the joint, promise you can in the environment of the heavy rain, not affected by wind and rain. < / p> < p> if made of high strength EASTON struts framework, ensure you secure even greater winds. Yet expensive, generally the market price is in 2000 yuan of above, if use GORE company doing the outside ACTIVEN fabrics and can save the account in the structure, and can reduce weight, smaller volume, and the resistance to water, breathable, prevent water performance is better, but the price will be higher. < / p>
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