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Together to get to know the structure of the tent with the specification

by:Foerstine     2020-05-16
To understand the structure and specifications of time: tents together - 2011 10 - 24 source: tent author: < p> for outdoor camping goods travelers outdoor tent to tent use requirement is different, so the tent again on the design is divided into different structure forms, the concrete structure can be divided into single room and hall structure type. Space is only for sleeping and design of the single chamber structure, focusing on the consideration to reduce the volume, weight, and the hall structure type of tent is sleeping space and set up outside the hall door loose type, in addition to the advantages in the wind and rain outside, also set a space for storage of equipment. < / p> < p> in order to adapt to different environment temperature, tents and is divided into single, double, three layers of structure. Single layer has the advantage of light, the economy, small volume, simple manufacturing process. < / p> < p> double difference in single is in design adds a layer of permeability is good inside account, mainly to solve the contradiction in the monolayer tent wall beside the water. Because in the cooler season, the body out of the heat outside the tent under the action of cold air, to condense on the inner wall of the tent, water, wet water along the tent wall flow will get sleeping bag, and adding the account after the account does not directly account within and outside the bottom connection, within the body's heat to send out is through the bill, setting out the water drops on account can dc ground. In this sense, suitable for warmer in the main growing region of single tents or season, double tents to suitable for cool or cold season. < / p> < p> three layers of the design of the tent is the account, add a layer of MianZhang, further enhance the heat preservation effect. The three layers of tents used in environment of 10 degrees below zero, the temperature of the account up to 0 degrees or so. < / p> < p> the specifications of the tent is refers to the size of the size. Such as different specifications, the bigger of the two specifications have to pay two rooms one hall structure of 10 people, with its relatively have corresponding size, but the size is not absolute, it is associated with the type of tent. < / p> < p> such as mountain type tent: double specifications for 2 m by 1. 15 - 1. 25 m, three specifications of 2 m x 1. 5 m, and the type of tourism tents double specifications for 2 m by 1. 5 m, three tents is 2 m * 2 m, choose different specifications of the tent, and learn about the types, you need to choose the specifications of the concrete, so as not to make a mistake. < / p>
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