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To overcome the plateau reaction - - - - - - With the most beautiful encounter in Tibet

by:Foerstine     2020-05-19
To overcome the plateau reaction - - - - - - With Tibet is the most beautiful encounter time: 2011 - 08 - 12 < P> almost all yearning and friends haven't been to Tibet, the beginning will have such a question: when is the best time to Tibet? Tibet in the eyes of too many too many people, full of mysterious and look forward to. And in time, space, culture and climate is very far from us. < / P> < P> so, perhaps a lifetime only then one or two opportunities, we all hope that in the most suitable season, in the most appropriate way to approach her. Like dream around the veils of the girl, who will want to know, in one of the best, the most appropriate time to meet with her into a destiny. < / P> < P> things to bring: commonly used drugs sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and student id card. Long sleeve clothes, no matter how hot or wear. Mainland in Tibet people don't do protection will dry out skin. 。 。 There are! ! ! Must remember, if you want to go far, had better do a postal savings card, Lhasa take money also good, if go somewhere remote, there is no unionpay, than what the postal savings bank works! < / P> < P> best drive Tibet travel time for each year 4 - In October, but I think that if you choose to go yunnan Tibet, sichuan-tibet, new hidden, in May each year for the best. This past winter, the rainy season has not yet arrived, the road is smooth, and can appreciate the scenery of different day for a day 'all the way, everywhere the mountains, snow, with altitude, can also be lucky enough to see all over the sky snow, and satisfy your desire to play in the snow. < / P> < P> additional XinCangXian general measures frequently, change is the northern line, may can go SaGa, zhong ba, ba ga the downtown. If direct flights to Lhasa or walk, along the qinghai-tibet railway in August is the best, August holiday in Tibet is more, there are ongkor festival, sholton festival, considerable see tan Buddha event, can participate in northern Tibet jockey club again at the same time, see the Tibetan riding and shooting sports. < / P> < P> more debris flow the rainy season, the winter much snow mountains, four seasons uncertainty is on the way, very humble, accommodation and catering conditions suitable for tourism explorers or depth of tourism enthusiasts, suggest to Tibet for the first time visitors don't choose this line. The best route for the Tibet road conditions along the qinghai-tibet railway, < / P> < P> take a train to Lhasa, to creat the qinghai-tibet railway, scenic spots along the scenery infinite, number of scenic spots we just seen in books and movies. < / P> < P> gold silver beach grassland to qinghai lake, GuanJiao mountain tunnel and DE ha - chaerhan salt lake salt crystallization - gobi and unfathomable salt bridge - gamla section starting point and red machines - the source of the kunlun mountains yuzhu peak - kunlun snow in June - myth the kunlun mountains - hoh xil no man's land and wildlife channel - wudaoliang volcano and wind tunnel to creat strong scene, the Yangtze river source (the Including that we see in the tuotuo river on mount tunggula, main various dandong xuefeng and geladandong glaciers. ) -> river's first bridge - — The tuotuo river on the bridge - the tongtian river bridge ( Longevity monk spent the tongtian river < / P> < P>) To the pull of dandong snowy town - — The wild goose Shi Ping - qinghai-tibet cut-off point - — Mount tunggula mouth to qiangtang grassland, amdo, black lake lake 'black' and 'the heihe' domain - northern male grassland cutting grass season - nyenchen tanglha - the world's only geothermal city - — Yambajan - area 'on valley bliss' - — The heap Long Deqing - Lhasa river valley - potala jinding. < / P> < P> in terms of climate, summer temperature basically are below 25 degrees during the day, evening at around ten degrees; Winter around ten several times during the day, in just a few degrees below zero at night, and our tourism activities were focused on during the day, so, don't feel hot in summer, nor too cold in winter. < / P> < P> in particular is winter in Tibet, Tibet of summer even haven't been to Tibet, also know some situation. In winter in Tibet, LanTianYing snow, warm piercingly cold wind, sun and plateau will don't taste again. < / P> < P> due to surface mainly mountains of Tibet, and basic it is various kinds of mineral color stone mountain, besides CangDong region, basically no trees, so the Tibet scenery were similar, winter and summer and winter can see more of snow-capped mountains and large areas of the glacier. Winter off-season for Tibet tourism, accommodation, tour bus fee is very cheap, and tourist guests less, you can be more fun to play. < / P>
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