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'Tips' little common sense, let your every penny spent on the blade

by:Foerstine     2020-05-19
'Tips' little common sense, let your every penny spent time: 2013 - 07 - 04 < br /> 'I want to go to guilin, I want to go to guilin, but have no money when I have time, I want to go to guilin, I want to go to guilin, but with the money I have no time. 'This old song out like a tourist. Now, a group of people have to abandon the 'money', a walk when you have time go out to play, and played a nice name - — 'Tips', which not only makes a much mood, also expressed his determination to poor swimmers enjoy playing. While have time, we also go to the 'tips'. How to do, but want to let us make every penny on the blade? Foer sting camping partner tell you some tips tips, let your MONEY flower of excellent quality and reasonable price! < br /> 1, the off-season travel, is the basis of saving money. < br /> 2, reasonable route design, less repeated way, save a lot of money. < br /> 3, hire, and the driver speak first if you want to the way the other passengers, the price will be cheaper. < br /> 4, not by plane, by train. Sometimes by train than by car can save more money. Buy train ticket, if there is not air conditioned, can buy the air ticket, so I can save 1 and a half of the money, but of course will be worse shape. More calls before buying a ticket, and bargain in the phone. < br /> 5, in the city by bus. < br /> 6, or charter ask clear, if a driver is you want to go to the destination, if can be cheaper. Because he finally, go back to it anyway. If meet with others, package car can have greater bargaining space. Because drivers are usually put the return of the one-way, gas is in the package is already someone to help you put the gas out of the. < br /> 7, about traffic route choice, sometimes don't sit non-stop, transit can save a lot of money. This method: the main points of the appropriate transfer. A variety of transportation; See map, see railway line and road line, your brain. < br /> 8, accommodation to see the room first, then bargaining. < br /> 9, if they are loners, without a single room, don't want to share a room with a stranger, don't need to pack the whole room. Can ask the hotel was filled with people in other rooms are arranged before arrange up to your room. < br /> 10 a hotel, for there was no hot water shower, outside the bathroom shower can save money. < br /> 11, get on the bus outside the long-distance bus station, and sometimes cheaper than in the station get on the bus. But also not necessarily. Another midway get on the car can be negotiated. < br /> 12, after the train speed, there are a lot of ride the train, the most suitable for self-service tourism group. Accommodation for a night on the train and arrive in the morning, run-length vigorously. Fare for epoxy resin, and it is found. < br /> 13, if it is the morning, don't immediately find accommodation, because a lot of room for the moment might not check out. And backpack and go bad bargain, can exist the package first train station, go to play, while playing attention to have a suitable hotel, when dusk to see again, a counteroffer. And this time if no one has to live, can stay at a relatively low price; < br /> 14, eat local specialties such as seafood, can yourself to the seafood wholesale market or farmer's markets to buy, and then get a restaurant processing. But you should know the restaurant general machining price. If eating cheap seafood, there is no necessary to do so. < br /> 15, when having a meal, ask napkins to don't money, how much do you charge for, can do without a napkin, with his belt. < br /> 16, loners eat want to save money, and the weight is generally more northern cuisine. You can come up with a price, you let the restaurant according to you the price of the component. So that we can in the case of not wasting money. Of course, the actual unit price will be higher. < br /> purchase: < br /> 17, much to bargain, whatever food, live, line, for I have a price. Sometimes it looks can't actually still can bargain to bargain. < br /> 18, don't shopping in the presence of the tour group. < br /> 19, don't in the mediation led down to hotel, because he will be more expensive to collect kickbacks. < br /> 20, even though the feeling is cheap, when consumption also don't say 'it is really cheap,' or you at the time of consumption of other things, to get more expensive price.
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