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Through the weight a little experience to share

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
Through the weight a little time to experience sharing: 2011 - 11 - 28 source: author: camping tent camping tents < p> about across a weight problem, my experience is a word: our strengths, be careful. < / p> < p> this is BP55L bag I. With a 150 tents, BP small air flushing sleeping mat, sleeping bags, 500 xi minolta camera, two lenses, a pack of FB materials, water bag (3 l Probably drink 2 l) Some clothes. The tripod plugins. < / p> < p> the weight is about 30 - 40 kg ( Ha ha, I don't have any concept for weight and length) 。 And when I go to the guangxi weight is the same as the bag? So think it is within the scope of their physical ability to withstand again. < / p> < p> the load for a long time to walk, the packed bag is very important. Try to reduce the height, inside the bag as compact as possible. Method is to put the tent, of an air flushing sleeping MATS, sleeping bags, clothing and other things in place of the volume, and other odds and ends at the judicious plug in! ! So the whole bag closer as a whole, to grasp the center of gravity is very helpful. And pay attention to the bag around try to balance weight and long time to load, rough around your shoulders can be very painful. < / p> < p> installed package, is to back up and adjust the belt strap elastic and length. Belt tightly, as far as possible the load so as to give full play to the waist. After belt tightening, relax 'top band ( Is this call? ) 'And the shoulder straps, gradually tightening, find a comfortable position. < / p> < p> adjustments in the beside the donkey had better let veteran to give directions, they help when necessary, role greatly! I personally think that the feeling of 'comfort' is: the weight concentrated in the waist, shoulders relaxed, feel like in the back. This time I just because didn't adjust the top belt, and make the shoulders to bear the weight of the unnecessary, now the muscles of the shoulder still hurt. The next day, after adjustment for good a lot. < / p> < p> through means to face all kinds of terrain. Up the hill, down the mountain, stream, walk through the jungle, through the muddy grass, and the simple foot there is a big difference. < / p> < p> through to try to get bags and yourself as a whole, so the center of gravity is better control. Belt tightening, chest belt tightening, are all the bags and their closely linked to one of the important methods. But the shoulder straps will not be able to accept too tight, that will limit the flexibility of the arms activity. < / p> < p> the bags and their combination, so a whole videotapes will stick to the principle of 'be careful'. Each step to be good, as far as possible with holding the side of the grass and bushes, branches stride again. Ha ha, simple say is to hands. < / p> < p> don't distracted when walking, want to see the scenery, will find a good position, stop slowly see, through this time, a few old donkey stumble because relax the spirit, in the place without difficulty. This time we are along the stream down the mountain. < / p> < p> backpack and jumped in the stream of the stone, the most painful is that god up there under the drizzle, our hiking shoes completely did not have the advantages of the bottom of the V, wet stones, and seriously affect the speed we went down the mountain. Each step carefully again carefully, ha ha, still have the 'wet' the foot. No one was injured. < / p> < p> I think weight is hard than the mountain down, the high requirement of the power of the muscles around the knee. Down to the later, obviously feel the power of the knee is not enough, bend your knees when legs chattered. < / p> < p> if you want to complete a such weight through, must exercise more at ordinary times, exercise their own load ability, cultivating their own sense of intimacy and his bag, have a good bag, your crossing is half the battle la ~ ha ha. 。 < / p> < p> this is an this through a bit of experience, hope to have a bit of help. Wrong place, please point out! < / p> < p> this is really great, very exciting! Is an come back one of the most enjoyable time in guangxi with recent activity la ~ ~ ha ha < / p>
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