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Through the mountain and outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-05-05
how through the mountain and time: 2011 - 09 - 09 < P> outdoor camping goods sports friends should be especially careful of climbing ice and snow, glacier crack because of the many, the biggest threat to us is frozen waterfalls zone and piedmont edge cracks, especially by the snow cover hidden fracture risk. < / P> < P> by fissure, group action should be several people, the rope connected to each other, the distance between the adjacent two 10 ~ 12 m. Ahead of the people, often should detect the actual situation. Behind the footprints of man must be standing on the front walk, it's safe. Through the ice bridge on the fracture, to crawl. < / P> < P> a snow travel not only pay attention to prevent cracks, also notice not to push to the snow fall. In the ice and snow slope border, often deep snow, action must be set. Snow bridge pathfinder snow bridge to detect the actual situation, again by. If the snow is very soft, and must therefore through, should crawl. < / P> < P> to climb steep snow slope, be sure to move again after two feet stand. Stepping forward, want to use two feet through the snow ball, stepping into the steps to move the hind feet. Immediately, if accidentally slip stomach, prevent the slide. < / P> < P> climbing ice snow, much less go there is crack. March on the snow, to pick the places where snow hard. Go hot, do not use ice thirst, abruptly swallowed ice and snow, easy laryngitis. Really thirsty too calendar harm, can be used to melt snow and ice gargle, try not to swallow into the belly, water will increase the burden of circulation organs, impact strength. < / P> < P> in the loose snow walking for a long time, across a big step, shorten the time of the walk in the snow. Slightly back to walk back to his feet, to lift the foot step towards the front. Foot back room before is to make snow shoes, and step forward when can also play a role brushed with snow. Walk steep slope, to step slope around with my snow shoes, try to avoid bias to the outer body. Snow freeze very hard, want to take off the snow shoes on foot. < / P> < P> marching in the valley, and should be near the center line of the valley, in order to avoid rolling stone of the mountain slope. Don't close to the cornice, not to walk on snow eaves, so as not to trigger an avalanche. < / P> < P> cornice, inclines to the ridge or the cliff lee. Windward slope slow, easy to form the cornice, 45 degrees steep slope is not easy to form. In wind variable, ridge on the side slope of different regions, with special attention. Mountains, an avalanche is a huge disaster. < / P> < P> in May 1957, the new China's first mountain martyrs d line friends died in site avalanche. In January 1991, composed of 17 everyone yue joint mountaineering in northwest yunnan nujiang river and lancang river between the meili snow mountain and an avalanche of lordaeron. < / P> < P> avalanche is due to the sound, vibration, rolling rocks or blocks of snow, and the induced by the action of wind. Avalanches usually occurs in a slope with a dusting of snow ball rolling, snow cracked slope, the slope of a cornice 36 ~ 42 degrees or so no trees steep slope, the length of the large slope, convex slope, slope of the south and southwest, with old snow covers the new snow and snow loose due to rising temperatures and other sites. < / P> < P> in general, the new times the weather is fine, after a snow avalanches in 9 ~ 10 o 'clock in the morning. Should be paid attention to by the avalanche danger zone: loosen the straps in advance in case of liberation big backpack and other fittings when necessary, to protect freedom of action. To remove obstruction of visual and auditory snow cap, found an avalanche sign as soon as possible. Avoid cross danger by snow. Avoid shooting sound vibrations, etc. Avoid falling action such as impact on the surface of the snow. < / P> < P> as is caught up in an avalanche, should be snow in the flow of the mobile bravely repeatedly do swim action, makes every effort to float to the surface of a snow flow. Because after the avalanche stop it will be difficult to activities, should as far as possible during the snow flow moving to snow. When buried in the snow, make the mouth saliva flow out, look at the direction of the flow, to determine whether his horse, and then trying to save his life. < / P>
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