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Third, we need three don't multi-worlds and outdoor activities

by:Foerstine     2020-04-15
Multi-worlds and outdoor camping goods activities, third, we need three don't time: 2011 10 - 19 source: tent author: outdoor tent < p> we let's do a quick rundown of the third: < / p> < p> first, insist on. < / p> < p> to outdoor camping goods as a part of our life, stick to it. Often hear people say: I did not dare to practice, after a stop to will rebound. Let me say: that is practiced in his lifetime, see how he bounce? ! < / p> < p> second, has the compassion. < / p> < p> small and large outdoor behavior basically are collective activities. Some short-scale, inch a director, everyone should strive to strengths into collective strengths, become everyone's power, rather than pressure. < / p> < p> in the end, to one's self. < / p> < p> before participating in various activities, to call call their own capital. Take a look at your physical fitness, equipment, time and money can basic guarantee your safety. When you can't became the motivation of the team, at least don't strain resistance of the team, or even the greatest resistance. < / p> < p> and again don't say: < / p> < p> first, don't be a hero. < / p> < p> by day, day tao, tao natural. To display gallantry in front of nature, we can't, can only let nature take its course, to ensure a happy travel. We cannot afford to bet with nature. < / p> < p> second, don't be mysticism. < / p> < p> for most of the donkey, outdoor camping goods behavior should be a healthy part of life, is not an adventure, more should not be risky. The so-called first crossing, the so-called mysterious lines, should not be is keen pursuit by the vast majority of the donkey. A mature route, we can to go over and over again, just for the pursuit of simple, healthy and happy. < / p> < p> third, don't have a trophy. < / p> < p> in March last year, I go to shenzhen 'hundreds of kilometers', don't adapt to the climate, shoes don't fit me, walked all night, feet was full of blisters, and insist on a day, and suffering. Along the way, xi 'an friends sent a large number of text messages, are encouraged me to stick to go all the way, and strive to get good grades. And the local travelers see my pain, mostly expressed concern to me, and I had advised. About 10 km from the finish line, I see a slogan, top write: breakthrough self, have the courage to give up! So I give up, give up, because I've tried. Don't get to first, don't get to what good result, we are not professional athletes, we are just ordinary donkey. < / p> < p> all in all, want to insist, has the compassion, to have self-knowledge. < / p> < p> don't heroism, don't mysticism, don't trophyism. < / p> < p> more than feelings, even if I two years outdoor summary. < / p> < p> thanks to all the peer friends for two years! ! ! < / p>
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