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The wild ride a bike safety knowledge

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
The wild ride bicycle safety knowledge time: 2012 - 05 - 23 source: foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: outdoor knowledge, before the wild ride of vehicle maintenance and debugging < br /> main note 1, variable speed to be flexible. Especially we don't often use teeth plate of the 1, 2, of the transformation. Up and down slopes in mountain if the problem is very stressful. 2, check brake problems. Whether the brake line is the change. Brake schedule whether it's appropriate, usually after trip to less than the former brake. Also note long downhill after adjust in time, when the brake line may be stretched, the brake of the trip. 3, tire problem. Go to the mountain to mountain tire ( 1. More than 75) , can guarantee the stability of cycling. With V brake friends must pay attention to the inner tubes do not use with patches, so as to avoid the brake produced by high temperature for a long time makes inner tube leakage. 4, remove the kick and mud, etc. , ensure the safety of cycling. 5, pay attention to the chain routine maintenance, etc. < br /> 2, cycling protective equipment and measures < br /> special emphasis to get into the habit of wearing helmets, because both in the ground or in the mountains may have crashed. Helmet is the guarantee of our lives. < br /> other protective devices are necessary, such as gloves, leg tie. In addition, survival also should have the necessary equipment, such as guide, enough water and food, first aid supplies and emergency medicine, stool ShanXie, even protective rope. Also don't forget to phone will have enough power and money. Clothes and rain gear are to be prepared. < br /> 3, cycling requirements and safety < br /> the collective travel, should use 1 word formation. Such not only can show the team style, can save more energy ( With riding a can save a third of the manual) 。 < br /> 1 word team travel, juyou between tacit understanding is very important, the leader must have the rotation, with the rider should always pay attention to the front juyou's gesture, body, and the change of the ride, keep a certain distance, involuntary overtaking, cannot fast and slow and wavering, more can't suddenly stop. Should have something need to stop, slow * right, and gestures to inform with friends by bike. Be careful not to ride side by side and talk, avoid riding while the phone [ Tent] Or listen to music. < br /> in the cities and the countryside riding, slower speed, spacing between shorten appropriately. Encounter intersections and turning to ride again after the qi passed or to wait, so as not to run away and get lost. Please pay close attention to the vehicles and pedestrians even animals ( The dog, pig, etc. ) Such as the change of the factor, guard against the emergence of the accident. < br /> the slopes, especially in the mountains, the saddle must be properly sit down, keep the balance of center of gravity, distance to pull open, in order to put the slope. In turn or complex road conditions, to slow down in advance, avoid slamming on the brakes, more cannot submit at that time the courage, wild. < br /> < br /> the wild ride bicycle safety knowledge tags: ride a bike, the wild ride, wild
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