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The wild camping bicycle tyre changes little skill

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
Wild camping bicycle tyre changes tip time: 2012 - 05 - Source: 28 foer sting outdoor camping goods tent author: outdoor camping goods skills in the wild camping bicycle flat tire problem analysis and prevention of exercise bike outdoors will often have a flat tire when happening, so often to the others to misunderstanding, think sports bike was not strong enough. It's only a matter of probability. Because the same time, exercise bicycle exercise distance is ordinary bicycle several times, so, just for this reason that probability is increased by several times. In addition, because the main scope of sports car is outside, on the outskirts of the road there don't like the road in the city clean, so foreign matter more. < br /> there is a myth, a lot of people think that the thinner the easier the tire burst. Actually otherwise, the thinner the tires tire pressure is higher, the higher the tire pressure less explosive tyres. The specific instructions below me back. < br /> to some extent, is directly related to the flat tire and luck. According to popular belief, it is RPWT. < br /> between recent activity flat tire of our car tire problems occur frequently, some measures must be taken: 1: please incense bath before the activity, devout prayer. 2: in addition to take some technical measures. < br /> incense all bath, need not I teach, the following technical measures. Inner tube problems tend to have four kind of situations: burst from the outside, and be broken stones or steps into hard, burst from the inside, slow leak. < br /> preventive measures about the first case to plunge into tire: < br /> 1. Gas play football, must beat gas, if there is a barometer of the pump, please hit close to the marked on the tyre pressure Numbers. There is no gauge, use finger to feel. Generally speaking, the road car to hit a finger pinch completely motionless tyre ( The big man's hand) 。 ( Tent] Mountain bike to bring down the can knead move, but hold up very, very hard. High pressure good obviously, tires hard, a lot of sharp rocks, broken glass to bounce off later, such as to tuck in. Greatly reduces the chance to be pierced.
  2. Stop to rest, pay attention to check the tyre, check for broken glass, iron, stone, such as embedded in the tyre, clean up ahead of time. These things can not broken, but cycling speed and distance will make them more and more deep, until the broken tube.
  3. Ride a bike to see road, avoid pavement suspicious. In addition, as far as possible close to the middle of the road to walk, what general glass plate on the side of the road. < br /> about the second case, ke: < br /> the only cause of this situation is the tire pressure is insufficient, so the tyres too soft, clacking on hard again when there is not enough support, lead to inner tube is squeezed to the rim, struggling in the circle. Preventive measures ditto: air, keep looking. < br /> the third, general burst < br /> this is due to a fetal pad. < br /> is a tire cushion cannot bear high pressure, deformation of inward too much even burst, causing tube burst open inward. < br /> 2 is good fetal pad without pad, mobile, lead to circle hole on the direct contact and inner tube, high pressure burst. < br /> the solution, the choice can withstand the pressure of tire pad. If fetal pad narrow, easy to slide, the first kind of things with 3 m tape twine circle inside again, shelters some holes. And can increase fetal pad friction, reduce the possibility of a slide. < br /> a fourth, slow leak < br /> this kind of situation usually inner quality problem. Before installing the inner strength check ahead of time. Carry out spare tire also want to check in advance. Especially the domestic tyre, be careful. Slow leak occurs commonly in the gas mouth, this is where the check point. < br /> in addition to the above situation, there is also a blowout is the case, just change my inner tube, but soon found a flat. There are two possibilities, one is pricked the things also on tyre inner tube. Prevention, tire repair, I will carefully check tyre, for the position of the punctured by hand carefully die inside, make sure no foreign body. < br /> another possibility is to install the tyre pry tire rods broken tube. Prevention method, the preparation technology for new tires. < br /> < br /> camping bicycle tyre changes small tips: bicycle tyre changes, bicycle, wild camping
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