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The use and maintenance of camping tents

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
Time for using and maintenance of camping tent: 2011 - 11 - 04 source: tent author: < p> we are camping in the outdoor camping goods camping tent should avoid cooking in camping tents, tent fire resistance is weak, especially internal filled with flammable liquids, such as jacket, a sleeping bag. 。 。 。 。 。 Etc. , it is best to cooking between inside and outside the bill, or use a 6 x6 'piece of plywood bottom, all the doors and Windows must be fully open ventilation, avoid moisture convergence the lining in the inside account and to prevent fire control during preheating, tent prohibit someone sleeping or playing trapped during cooking, sleeping bags away, avoid water tents. 。 。 。 。 。 Unfortunate events, such as disable kerosene stove, it will be a pungent taste, turn off the heat at the same time should be the stove out tents, avoid account stimulating, the other people suffocation. < / p> < p> hiking boots do not wear into the tent, and conducts the mud or a small stone particle pollution and wear the underlying access the account must take off your raincoat and wet wet clothes to avoid other items, especially the sleeping bag and must be kept inside dry, meet a bad behavior, and refuses to live with in the future. < / p> < p> tent lighting system, can carry the candle, the light easy to carry, but the current mainstream for gaslight. With fine hemp rope to tie up tents at both ends, and hung the wet clothes dry, when you leave the tent for a whole day, it is best to sleeping out in sleeping pads of the sun. < / p> < p> such as fuel oil, the main rope climbing equipment may be placed on a tent. < / p> < p> folding tent tidy up before, first dry and then wipe clean, XueQi, wipe clean, available blocks of snow don't contaminate sleeping bag, or inverted bask in meddle tents to wipe clean. < / p> < p> after the activity, the best cleaning immediately, if it does not allow, also want to take out to wipe again, dry, usually try to hang in ventilated place, do not seal, so use it, don't feel like mold. < / p>
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