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The types of outdoor glasses as well as its importance

by:Foerstine     2020-05-01
types of glasses and the importance of time: 2011 - 09 - 13 < P> mainly include bicycles in glasses, bike riding glasses myopia glasses, mountain bike glasses and so on. Due to the change of speed during cycling and the influence of the wind speed is has a great influence on the eyes, long time to let your eyes naked in the wind can easily lead to dry eyes, in the end will have a sour feeling, when I opened no sticky! < / P> < P> while wearing glasses is different, most of lens can stop the wind influence on our eyes, to a certain extent, reduce the time of eye fatigue. Another is that if the sun is too big, direct sunlight also considerable damage to the eyes, easy to cause temporary blank, perhaps this is why a lot of players like to wear sunglasses in the reason, too much direct sunlight also made * * vision fatigue! Suggest have a long ride to friends can well protect your eyes. < / P> < P> the summer the sun is very 'hard', according to a person hard to open eyes, often this to go out for travel and outdoor activities, but also inevitable problems, then, outdoor camping goods glasses as it is very important, on the one hand, it can protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, on the other hand, the time for outdoor sports, it can also help you stay clear field of vision. < / P> < P> according to the introduction, old donkey outdoor sports wear safety glasses must be in the security, protection, comfortable, beautiful effect, when the choose and buy, should pay attention to know: to the businessman must first outdoor camping goods glasses can prevent ultraviolet ray, the uv filter can even reach 100%, in addition, most of the outdoor glasses are using polarizing lenses, you can have the effect of light filtering noise. Polarized lens wear after the visual effect is very comfortable, look more clear,, fishing, climb mountains and is especially suitable for driving. Good outdoor glasses materials commonly used magnesium alloy, soft texture, colour and lustre is colourful, do not fade. < / P> < P> in the maintenance of outdoor glasses, should both hands to pick a, don't let the mirror met the desktop and other sharp objects. The lens is dirty, in addition to use detergent other solution may not clean the mirror. Polarized lens avoid water and ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it will destroy the polarization effect. < / P>
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