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The types of adult sleeping bags or choose _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-04-29
If you want to outdoor camping, must choose a good camping sleeping bag. Adult sleeping bag in general can be divided into cotton, down sleeping bag, goose down, etc. , can choose according to the outdoor camping goods environment. A, ordinary outdoor camping goods camping outing this is commonly said with Eva, go out to play, especially the people of the city, general skyscrapers, without considering the besides living, people have more need of activity space, more and more parents choose on vacation with her go to the beach, go to the park, close to nature. General will choose in the season of spring and summer. Take a tent, and eat mat, food drive, etc. The temperatures generally use cotton sleeping bag or fleece, believe in style would be better, can do the quilt is opened entirely, have a car also need not consider the weight, the temperature is not low, probably in 10 - scale About 20 degrees can be selected. Second, outdoor camping goods hiking the outdoor experience is a bit more professional, the equipment selection are also more serious, function, weight, use convenient and preferred choice, people prefer down sleeping bag. Good heat preservation, light weight, are all aspects of a few. The chosen were down sleeping bags, scale choice, don't freeze to death; The filling weight, feather quality; Fabric not water proof, etc. General choice - 10 - Almost zero. The same volume of feather down than natural repellent velvet is said to have better, tell from the life of the sleeping bag, warm the function using time will long some, without chemical treatment; Almost same scale, but filled with much less, depends on to fill down quality, quality better fill a bit less can meet established scale, if use less, can fill more achieve scale; Thick fabric can also be roughly judging by weight, basic on the market down sleeping bag will use water proof fabric, reducing sleeping bag be affected with damp be affected with damp; Three Tibetan areas, snow mountain extreme challenges experience this really is a professional, very professional, not only professional, mainly is the physical quality to be very strong, physical stamina to keep up with, recent Everest traffic jam, a large number of road signs have been generated, and line and cherish ah, is not just freeze to death, but to die, hypoxia; Very don't understand the impulse to experience pleasure is particularly special incentives. Equipment must be professional, more complete, oxygen is necessary, can professional custom clothing, sleeping bags Suggestions don't lack money to buy a goose down, low temperature scale.
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