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The tomb-sweeping day for an outing

by:Foerstine     2020-04-22
The tomb-sweeping day for an outing notice time: 2013 - 03 - 22 tomb-sweeping day as the first Spring Festival holiday, after 2 months of work, many travelers want to outdoor camping goods breathe the fresh air, to release work tired. Many travelers will go out for an outing, gradually as the qingming festival a fixed travel habits. Here, foer sting to following reminder, zha warm and cold in the spring, the outdoor camping goods travel must pay attention to the following: 1, such as animal attack, should be dealt with in a timely manner, and make a phone call and wait for help. 2, ready to related material, food and water, spare clothing, standby drugs and tools. 3, resolutely avoid night march. 4, should query the weather conditions of tourist spots, before going out to prevent the occurrence of landslide, debris flow and so on accident. 5, should hang out or participating in club activities, try to avoid go to remote places; 6, not in the mountain picking wild fruit, wild vegetables and mushrooms and other edible, avoid food poisoning. 8, not discarded waste in the mountains, trees and flowers and plants, plundering not interference and destruction of wild animals living environment, green travel.
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