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The sleeping bag manufacturer told you choose outdoor three key steps

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
Choose appropriate outdoor camping goods sleeping bag as a first step, is to travel according to your plan: 1. Where you are going to travel how regional environment, the altitude? 2. Are you travelling in what season? Because winter outdoor travel need sleeping bag than in the spring, summer, autumn three season need outdoor sleeping bag requires much higher. 3. You may be facing climatic conditions. Due to various regions of the geographical position is different, have different climate environment. Choose to suit the local climate environment outdoor sleeping bag, it is a very important factor. The second step: outdoor sleeping bag comfort outdoor comfort is outdoor warm sleeping bags. This value with each section temperature conditions, different changes of climate and geographical position. In general, travel lovers sleep conditions about between 7 degrees below zero to seven degrees centigrade. But this also according to the individual constitution and you may face the specific climate circumstance to adjust, and then according to the manufacturer to provide scale to choose. One thing need to be aware that, depending on the type of a variety of regional climate is different longitude and latitude and altitude, outdoor insulation coefficient of sleeping bags to formulate unified international standard, each manufacturer's production technology standard is not unified, so the manufacturer is only a reference data, provided not absolutely applicable in all conditions and circumstances. Such as Europe and the United States the origin of the outdoor sleeping bags on the scale is not very suitable for Asian people, because the people of Europe on the cold resistant ability than asians, so when the choice should be pay attention to the user's own physical characteristics, ethnic, age, gender, body fat, disease effect, and use in the process of the diet, and so on, will affect the users of the minimum scale to adapt to the situation of outdoor sleeping bag. Step 3: what shape is the outdoor sleeping bag for your outdoor outdoor sleeping bag is directly related to the shape of the thermal effect, and the volume of baggage. Currently on the market of the common outdoor sleeping bag shape has the following three: 1. Mummy mummy sleeping bag type outdoor sleeping bag and called the mi outdoor type, its characteristic is narrow shoulder width foot, considering people in sleep foot easy to feel the cold leg will make thickening processing to maximize the guarantee of the leg warmer. Because of the appearance of compact saves luggage space, and has a specialized helmet can prevent a lot of heat loss. But this kind of compact shape can let a person feel the space is not enough while they were sleeping. A lot of snow mountain climbing enthusiasts can choose mummy down outdoor sleeping bag, because it is light weight, and has a high thermal performance. 2. Envelope sleeping bag envelope shape outdoors, also called rectangular outdoor camping sleeping bag, the outdoor sleeping bags commonly used in warmer conditions. Envelope shape outdoor camping goods sleeping bag space is larger, can satisfy the people camping in the field of comfort, but a large space will inevitably lead to the loss of heat, and contraction after the volume is still relatively large. This outdoor sleeping bags to bear in mind that cannot be used as a professional high altitude mountaineering equipment. 3. Hybrid form outdoor sleeping bag mixed form outdoor sleeping bag is called barrel shape outdoor, the outdoor sleeping bag widens the hands and feet of space, and reduces the heat loss, is a collection of the mummy and the advantages of the envelope shape outdoor sleeping bag. 4. Humanoid outdoor sleeping bag humanoid outdoor sleeping bag is a kind of new development of outdoor, completely according to the size of the structure to make. This kind of outdoor sleeping bag not only the extension of the person gives on the physical activity most free space, also to prevent the loss of heat. But this outdoor sleeping bag process is complicated, and the user must according to the size of the structure of their own to buy the right outdoor sleeping bag. To sum up, there are many kinds of outdoor sleeping bag, but not the more expensive the better, only to choose the appropriate outdoor sleeping bags, to value, to satisfy his needs.
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