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The role of the rope serious outdoor sports

by:Foerstine     2020-04-26
sports in the role of the rope serious time: 2012 - 05 - Source: 15 tents author: outdoor camping goods knowledge you in outdoor sports, with a rope? If not carrying, suggest you in the future when packing to you put on a few root cyst of different diameter, different length of special rope, the rope light weight and easy to carry, 10 meters length of 12 mm static rope weight generally will not exceed 1000 grams, 10 meters 5 mm static rope is the weight of 200 grams, take the rope will be able to give you a lot of convenience, outdoor activities, also can give your outdoor activities bring certain security guarantees. You don't simply think carry ropes is the leader, the outdoor environment is not the same, hope everyone constantly in outdoor activities for more rope usage and the function of the rope more, in the event of a unstoppable when can good use rope on can save his life. Needing those who remind everybody is, everyone should choose to buy special rope ( UIAA - - - - - - - Countries DengLian certification product) Well, at ordinary times to check the rope ( Wear) Situation, found that the problem should be replaced in a timely manner, at the same time also should grasp some simple and practical knotting and ropes fixed method. Here are some wild experience simple talk about his past rope used in outdoor camping goods activities, some of the methods ( The mountaineering, rock climbing version) Less than place please give supplement and perfect. < br /> 1, the dangerous sections available ropes, assisted by, in the case of many people at the same time through may not be the rope on the body and a backpack, avoid to produce one fell behind affects many people drop a domino phenomenon, as far as possible to take a single traction) by means of 。 < br /> 2, camping break when it is a cold ( Sun) Rope, can also be in accordance with the needs of the environment and mat, stick put cool tent tied with other things. < br /> 3 and bound can be used for making simple stretcher, can also according to need to nail, straight shape backpack and support with aluminum alloy strips, tree stick can use combine the injured body parts (such as for fixed personnel Use the LACES banding that's deep oh) 。 < br /> 4, detection of rivers, canals, depth and width (roughly Take a bind stone thrown across the river, in accordance with the stones falling point judgment width) , and can use a rope to personnel and equipment and other materials transportation in the past, According to the practical environment, under the guarantee safe safe journey can take high and low fixed ropes glide mode) 。 < br /> 5, lighting and prevent animal torches, under special circumstances to the branches of the end of the rope tightly bound rao in dry, light fuel oil or cooking oil, then pour carrying [ Tent] This method is characterized by burning time is longer, more durable. < br /> 6, can be used as night camping alarm pull on the rope, after hiking camping due to fatigue degree deeper sleep, can be tied the respectively on both ends of a rope attached to the GG and MM on the tent, woke up once accident can pull check each other, can also according to the camp environment outside the camp pulled the rope as the camp guard line ( Rope is tied to collide with each other such as set of POTS and metal bottle issue of crispy sound of goods) 。 < br /> 7, at the same time is not convenient to carry a backpack through the narrow location or slippery, steep slope location, available rope auxiliary to people, the method of separation of package by separately. < br /> 8, slip ( Down) Can use rope rescue after fall gullies ( According to the actual situation can use multiple ropes in parallel or series) , in order to better help people climbing, rope can be make a knot at intervals of about 50 cm, the length of the general control in [ ] Human arm length of less than, by rescuers were women knot distance can be shorten appropriately, can also be used when necessary more rope braiding ladder. < br /> 9, in a dangerous location ( Such as, steep slope, cliff edge, etc. ) Units on the personnel system of rope for safety protection. < br /> 10, in high temperature season to prevent food spoilage, food can be closed after discharge, Sink) Into the water and rope respectively on food bags and shore trees or other objects, prevent water to wash away the food. < br /> 11, in special weather conditions for reinforcement tents, can enhance the wind resistance of the tent, and ability to resist the snow. < br /> outdoor sports rope role in serious tags: outdoor, outdoor rope, the rope
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