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The picnic mat how to use the picnic mat of choose and buy the note _ nanjing Foerstine outdoor

by:Foerstine     2020-05-02
Now a lot of people are the most like to go out for a picnic, they must use the picnic mat for a picnic, picnic mat can have a picnic in the field of play a luo, moisture, and can keep out the cold. So the picnic mat is how to buy? Just follow below small make up take a look at the picnic mat related knowledge! Everyone can understand! What is the picnic mat picnic mat can have a picnic in the field against luo, because field ground is rough. At the picnic in the field, especially on the ground is very wet, use a picnic mat can solve the problems. It also has the function of warm, it can form a barrier between the body and the ground, cut off air exchange, maintain normal body temperature, let a person keep warm. The picnic mat how to choose and buy before the choose and buy is took a fancy to the barrier property of the product and degree of comfort and light. But there are some must be our main skills of choose and buy, will follow below small make up to see how the picnic mat of choose and buy! 1. If weather factors is free to choose the camping ground temperature is not very low and the weather is good, then it should consider the comfort of picnic mat. If a picnic in the dangerous place, you should first consider the barrier property. 2. If comfort just sleep with the picnic mat, to comfort requirement is not high, you can free to choose the price is relatively affordable quality relatively light products. If high requirements for comfort, especially families with children travel, best choose and buy higher price of picnic mat. 3. If weight is must climbing out or is a long journey, the first consideration when you purchase a picnic mat to the weight of the picnic mat. General comfort hard picnic mat thickness thickness, weight is not light, is the best choose for the long journey. If only for a period of time of the journey, that are free to purchase any. 4. Suggestions don't want to buy bulk volume too big picnic mat, in order to avoid loading is not convenient, take up to avoid space. Note 1 the picnic mat use. In order to lengthen service life, need not when can cushion covers parcels, do this can decrease the damage. 2. As far as possible to roll up in, can't literally fold, lest reduce service life. 3. In the process of loading the picnic mat, to save space can hang it on the outside of the bag, tape to fasten. 4. When using the automatic inflatable picnic mat, must not be artificial blowing, or saliva into moisture will reduce its service life. 5. Before the picnic mat out, carefully clean up the ground, to prevent sharp debris on the ground broken picnic mat. 6. It's main production material is flammable, should prevent the smoke or use on the fire. That is about the picnic mat attention how to choose and buy the picnic mat, introduced the entire contents of the choose and buy, hope these can solve the problem of your decoration.
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