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The new ass must know the team ten principles

by:Foerstine     2020-04-23
New donkey must know the team time to ten principles: 2012 - 04 - Source: 10 tent author: outdoor knowledge team < br /> you are not to travel, you and your partner are a team. You need their cooperation and help, and you also pay you. < br /> < br /> equality between AA is not only cost, all working, troublesome things and physical labor, risk. Are the capitation. You can not stand idly by. < br /> < br /> environmental protection to protect all natural and humanistic environment is everyone's responsibility. Take away your rubbish, also please as soon as possible take others leave rubbish. < br /> please do not use any chemical cleaning products in the open air. Trust and obey < br /> < br /> you have to trust your partner and your team leader. Depending on the all people to sustain, all this activity the basic principles of safety. If you doubt your team or team leader, please choose to leave < br /> < br /> understand consideration for your partner, you and happy at the same time, do not affect the lives of others. In the silent night noisy crowd, please stay away from the rest of the company in the tent. < br /> < br /> loyal forever partner loyalty to you, or hungry ill, illness, pain, cold. Don't give up your companions. < br /> and < br /> the knowledge and skills is that you rely on to survive, constantly learning forever. And progress. ( Tent] < br /> < br /> tolerance is tolerance and love to sustain team ties between lubricant zealous < br /> < br /> he should be concerned about met every one of us, regardless of their occupation, status, care about their survival, use their skills to help them < br /> < br /> moderate outdoor is a kind of life, is also a kind of hobby. But don't forget your family and friends. All moderation. < br /> new donkey must know the team ten principles of tags: new donkey, team, outdoor camping goods
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