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The matters needing attention when camping

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
The points for attention during the outdoor camping goods camping time: 2011 - 09 - 06 < P> camp persons to be in a dry, flat, the line of sight, fluctuation has vast pathway, can shelter drainage and water convenient place, < / P> < P> but do not have toilet facilities in some camps usually also have no government or private institution, so there is no complete planning, on safety concerns have to be careful, this kind of camp camp veteran or enjoy primitive forest life lay particular stress on, < / P> < P> however, again how this type of the camp is not suitable for camping for a long time, because this kind of place anything on your own, no electricity or running water, or even want to dig wild toilets, camp, cooking utensils and food preparation to yourself and so probably it is almost three days and two nights, not for a long time not fresh food, eating the bad instead. The following list of six kinds of dangerous terrain, do remember to choose the camp: < / P> < P> a, not in the middle of the canyon, avoid flash floods. < / P> < P> 2, not near the water, avoid the rising water. < / P> < P> three, not under the cliff, to avoid falling rocks. < / P> < P> 4, in the land of the high salient, avoid strong winds. < / P> < P> 5, not in separate under the tree, avoid electric shock. < / P> < P> 6, not in the grass among the trees, avoid the snake. < / P> < P> as wild camping is not at home so safe, there may be an accident at any time, here provide you several accident processing method: < / P> < P> although anecdotal allowed the car into the camping area more and more, but to all the people can experience the fun of camping, environmental protection work is not allow to ignore, at the end of the trip, I hope everyone can take away the rubbish, and try not to use disposable chopsticks, so as not to cause environmental pollution. < / P> < P> wind and rain and electric shock: the people who live in the city for a long time when camping, see lightning and hear thunder often easy to panic hands and feet, in fact don't worry, as long as you don't frame camp at the highest hill or bare parts of the terrain, the risk is reduced a lot. When lightning avoid standing under a choleric, hands on metal stuff best discarded. If escape, then can also be dangerous in situ lying prone to a minimum. Mountain torrent: < / P> < P> when camping, should pay attention to the flow of water, beach camping alluvial land is poor, but when the flood comes also borne the brunt of the after the rain should take action to change a camp, or you will have the possibility of washout by floods. < / P> < P> an overflowing with fire: if someone is drowning, first need to clear the mouth of foreign bodies, and implement 'cardiac massage' and 'breathing', and to understand the medical personnel as soon as possible, try not to pressure to the wounded in the stomach, from the abdomen extrusion, is likely to block his throat. Save drowning, with bamboo pole,'s or clothes. Another fire, in addition to do a good job of fire extinguishing, candles inside the tent, of avoid by all means is not lost on the dry wood, cigarette stub account lamp lighting it is best to use a flashlight or within the camp. < / P> < P> insect bite: the swarm attacks the most important thing is that from honeycomb, if inadvertently be poisonous bee sting to, want to use soap containing alkaline cleaning as soon as possible, and to water or ice. Prevention of leeches ( Also called blood-sucking worm) Bite of method is: in a mountainous area, start with alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, soap, salt alkaline material such as daub on the skin and clothing, to prevent the leeches invasion into. < / P> < P> if or not what be bitten, avoid by all means by hand grasp it, because the grasp, probably tore off its head, instead of stay in the skin, cause infectious diseases. Best to hand flap skin, or in the body with salt, sugar, lime, or smoke of burning, such as cigarettes, matches, fall off naturally. Leeches off after the best extrusion wound, immediately let it outflow of blood, the blood quantity and leeches suck to equal. < / P> < P> snakebite: be bitten by the snake, don't know in advance where snake to bite, one thousand is a bit near the artery, there is a risk of life, to send medical first aid as soon as possible. Once bitten by the snake, however, to grasp the time, firm pressure near the wound muscles, to squeeze the wound poison blood, to the top of the wound. < / P>
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