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The important role of field sport in lung

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
Cardiopulmonary important role in field sport time: 2012 - 05 - 11 source: tent author: outdoor camping goods knowledge in the field to ride a bicycle sport say bad listening: is the movement of the four legs! < br /> to the muscle strength of various areas of the body. But, need most is the power of their heart. Say so, we usually exercise, relativity to focus on improve cardiopulmonary function, give priority to with aerobic exercise - — The best way is to exercise by bike. < br /> running though the cardiopulmonary function improved obviously, but, unlike cycling used muscles, bicycle to climb really hard, can be appropriate to improve leg strength and do the barbell squat exercises ( Note that do not lead to excessive muscle damage or other parts) 。 Can assist practice, but don't always give priority to in order to run, otherwise, the practice of coarse, thigh during cycling is more likely to consume too much oxygen fatigue more easily. Is needed for the cycling endurance, rather than the explosive force, improve the overall cardiopulmonary function is the key. Swimming, ball games, Basketball, badminton) < br /> upper limbs strength can make oneself better control cycling, [ Tent] This requires that the chest, abdomen, waist and back muscle exercise should also be targeted. < br /> cardiopulmonary function refers to the people the ability of oxygen in the oxygen uptake and transformation of energy. Involved in the whole process system of the heart blood and pump function, pulmonary oxygen uptake and gas exchange ability, carrying oxygen to body blood circulation, the efficiency of each part, and muscle oxygen use these functions. < br /> it is important to note that the morning is best not to exercise. Morning blood viscosity is higher, strenuous exercise is bad for cardiopulmonary function, easy to cause blood clots, can put exercise time in between 4 PM and 18:00. < br /> field sport in the important role of cardiopulmonary tags: outdoor sports, outdoor camping goods sports
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