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The four seasons outdoor travel clothing dressing reference

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
Four seasons outdoor camping goods travel clothing dressing reference time: 2011 - 12 - Source: 05 tent author: outdoor camping goods tent a, the spring and autumn period and the < / p> < p> < p> during the transitional period, in the spring and autumn is through alternating day and night temperature difference is bigger, often during the day the temperature is higher, the night is cold, especially in the mountains, along the clothing should be adapted to the characteristics of general optional weather-proof cover a set, sweater, the two sets of underwear, the autumn dew heavy gas, should choose waterproof hiking shoes. Spring to early autumn cool period can add a double-sided velvet coat, a jungle cap can shade, as well as dust a pair of gloves can keep warm and jungle to hand in the jungle. < / p> < p> 2, summer < / p> < p> the weather is hot in summer, hot body heat is more, tell from the breathable absorbent, cotton products are superior to synthetic fiber, close-fitting wearing comfort is good, can choose pure cotton shirts, fission jungle trousers; Tell from the guide sweat drying, chemical fiber is better than that of cotton products, underwear, Shorts) , vest optional COOL MAX material products, and preparing a backup. Optional permeability good summer mountaineering shoes, in order to prevent the rain raincoat, can prepare a thin material for Hyman day for a double jacket. Three, winter < / p> < p> < / p> < p> to travel less trouble early winter underwear optional double-sided velvet, the coldest season of the best down underwear, can also be used to replace single rain pants with a velvet lining ski pants, must not forget is to choose a pair of warmth retention property good hiking boots. Head warm optional plush suede hood, warm hands should choose waterproof breathable cotton gloves, to those who are afraid of cold can add a warm vest. < / p> < p> no matter any travel season is an indispensable socks, the socks spats and to ensure that it is very important for the comfort, travel to cotton socks, best winter optional cotton blended socks, carrying amount should be different from person to person, love should prepare some more sweat a foot, foot can't long time in a humid environment. < / p> < p> this is just a different season out of general options. But everything should not be absolute, travel choice should give full consideration to your adaptability and dress habits, this traveler should be in time to find their own feelings. < / p>
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