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The four principles make you healthy in the outdoor barbecue

by:Foerstine     2020-05-13
The four principles make you healthy in the outdoor camping goods barbecue time: 2013 - 08 - 30 in the quiet suburban lake, watching the beautiful scenery, blowing cool wind blow gently, family around the oven and bake the food. . . such scene, always let a person envy! But do to healthy barbecue, but little-known, foer sting tell you what time, as long as you stick to these principles, you can eat delicious and healthy barbecue! < br /> < br /> < br /> principle a: many people choose low-fat food favorite barbecue roast chicken wings, but a chicken wing, all 150 calories, equivalent to the quantity of heat of half bowl of rice. So want to taste the roast chicken flavor, might as well choose chicken steaks or chicken fillet. And normal bowel wang, have 90 calories of quantity of heat, and in recent years more popular im cheese, more 115 calories over a small article, might as well choose to eat meatballs, without deep Fried fish balls or cattle pill is a better choice, avoid by all means choose cuttlefish ball or meatballs, etc. Principle 2: be careful sweet trap barbecue when added to food delicious, a lot of people love barbecue food with honey, a tablespoon of honey has 65 calories, unconsciously you will greatly increase the caloric intake. Actually want to add food freshness, and want to health, with a sweet candy is enough, then might as well choose natural spices such as black pepper powder, mustard, in order to increase the smelting of food flavor. Principle 3: to make good use of 'shielding' speak to the end, will be less healthy food barbecue, suggest that we will only part of the food for a barbecue. While others try to 'non-traditional' method is to heat the food with a tin foil package after, can will greatly reduce cancer. Principle 4: diversified barbecue food not to spearhead of meat, grain, vegetables, burn the same taste. In addition to the familiar corn, sweet potatoes also is right choice, rich in cellulose. Choosing meat, might as well choose more to eat seafood, such as crab, shrimp, scallops, fish, cooking method can put the foil, the seafood cooked. Add small amount in soy sauce, which is very delicious. And to burn vegetables especially, more choice, bell peppers, broccoli, tomato, needle mushroom is also good.
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