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The field running must want to know about

by:Foerstine     2020-04-17
Field running must want to know about the time: 2012 - 07 - Source: 03 foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor knowledge of each of the following has great difference between physical and mental. In the study proved that over 80/100 of the athletes in the adaptation training stimulation can have its unique individual differences, so is not exactly the same training mode, should be to make a corresponding adjustment on individual differences, different arrangement. But the general principle of long-distance running is a constant. < br /> roadwork should gradually increase the load, is the increasing load. In runner has adapted to a certain load, the load must be increased in order to achieve new allostatic load, stands to improve performance. There are so few: increasing load increase carry momentum ( Kilometers per week) Improve the running speed, M/s) Negative weight ( The weight of the lift) Improve the speed and rhythm training frequency and time, etc. < br /> reasonable determine whether a unit training, see the training intensity of runners on the degree of adaptation. If the training load is too small, runners will not adapt to the higher level, and the load is too large, complete the frequency is too high too fast, recovery is not enough, it may not be able to complete the next day training, normal and even injuries and disease, decreased performance. At ordinary times to train appropriate, reasonable steps. Of course also sometimes to keep running. In order to minimize the performance decline, should continue to use the previous training mode. Even if the training mode, also should use some and running structure similar movement, all kinds of physical exercise and breathing exercises, etc. < br /> run training mode should be aimed at game mode ( Before the marathon race, must be at least 1 per week more than 30 kilometers run training) To complete the normal of a marathon. Training the closer the competition requirements, the easier it is to get good grades in the game. Movement of the [ Camping tents] The core must be reflected in training. < br /> sports nutrition and drug: < br /> add enough heat, enough protein, vitamins, inorganic salt and water, vitamin B1 and B6 C < br /> < br /> E Chinese medicine astragalus membranaceus acanthopanax panax notoginseng has and add the effect to promote the elimination of fatigue < br /> wheat germ oil and pollen have eliminate fatigue and enhance physical effects. < br /> training improved period can be added some special food ( Creatine) Note: creatine can increase the weight, taking creatine cannot consume caffeine during the food. < br /> < br /> the field running must know tags: field running, outdoor common sense, outdoor camping goods skills
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