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The field exercise before a trip to see the weather

by:Foerstine     2020-04-16
Field sport travel before the time to look at the weather: - 2012 05 - 16 source: foer sting outdoor tent author: outdoor knowledge 1, distant mountains can be seen, the weather is fine; Fuzzy nearly mountain, days of rain. Because the air is dry, clear weather, mountains can see clear. 2, can clearly hear the sound of the train, it's going to rain. The gloomy weather, day and night temperature difference decrescent, sound spreads easily. 3, see cat washing a face, it might rain. Cat wash a face with your front foot movement, because when it rains, higher humidity, flea in cats. 4, frogs sing, it will rain. The frog thin skin, can feel the change of the humidity, so if the name is more intense than usual, said the air humidity is big, it will rain. 5, see a spider web has water in the morning, it will clear up in the day. The weather is good, day and night temperature [ Tent] Difference becomes big, encounter cold water vapor, becomes small drops of water. 6, a fish out of the water, it will rain. The distance of the bad weather information, quickly spread to the water, fish jumping up by surprise. 7, swallows fly low, and it will rain. When the weather turns bad, flying insects more rely on the ground, the swallow eat insects, so low. 8, facing coast, when there is thunder in winter, northwest monsoon blow, heavy showers. 9, the earthworm drill out of the ground, it will rain. The bad weather, the humidity increases, the ground warms, earthworms can drill ground. 10 and the frost by sun exposure, a brilliant, will shine. Frost is caused by the cold night, with daytime temperature difference is big, high temperature during the day, will shine. < br /> motion before a trip to see wild weather tag: the wild, wild sport, outdoor camping goods weather
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