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The day when hiking, mountaineering muscle soreness

by:Foerstine     2020-05-17
The day when hiking, mountaineering muscle soreness time: 2011 - 09 - Day 23 < P> muscle soreness is common in hiking, mountaineering, when walking, climbers fans for the first time to attend, or in a larger strength after hiking, mountaineering activities, muscle ache will appear within 24 to 48 hours after. The ache that muscle by intense stimulation, the nature of this is due to a muscle physiology, acuteness activity will make the change muscle fibers arranged, part of the muscle fibers will be mild inflammation. This kind of inflammation and lactic acid ache on the time difference, usually appears in the third day after motion, if in the third day after muscle also persistent ache, shows that sports load is too big. < / P> < P> supernormal distance on foot and high strength mountain across the lower limb muscle more prone to muscle soreness after after finish work, lower limb muscle cells are usually very big damage, some cells have decomposition and death. Produce ache time varies based on the individual situation, exercise often ache of time may be only one or two days, and often activities not pain may last a week or so. In general, aching degree over time will gradually disappear. < / P> < P> through the observation, found that the leg muscle strength, especially of quadriceps the strong muscle soreness is obviously better than the average person. In addition, quadriceps and calves of power balance, flexibility, good sore condition can also be reduced. < / P> < P> when a muscle pain occurs, take some anti-inflammatory drugs will have certain effect, but it must be with a good rest. Avoid using muscle pain in some high intensity exercise, and use some systemic low intensity, short time of aerobic exercise, a day can effectively alleviate muscle pain. < / P>
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