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The concept of outdoor camping

by:Foerstine     2020-04-25
The concept of outdoor camping time: 2011 - 09 - 06 < P> a, what is the outdoor camping < / P> < P> outdoor camping is human are still in the forest, beautiful flowers bees collect and rabbits for deer mate era. On the very age of freedom - The performance of the regret of love. < / P> < P> outdoor camping! Humans too is in the green stream fishing shrimp, hill chased rabbit hunting deer and cattle grazing sheep in the wilderness of time, for that very miss of rewriting in the age of peace. < / P> < P> spring, flowers, full of in the wild forest, exotic beasts ran in the green hills, the summer is coming, then this is a good time for a wild life. At this time, will be one tent in the forest, beside the water, left the world of dust, noise, suction forest wilderness full of angry, free and unfettered in a few days of the wild life, how happy it is! This is the outdoor camping! < / P> < P> 2, the concept of outdoor camping < / P> < P> a lot of people think: 'outdoor camping goods camping life, no matter what things are rough, but probably! 'With the idea and view, it is completely lay to outdoor camping. Without ever outdoor camping, is a new outdoor campers. < / P> < P> a skilled outdoor camping in the forest, must in any circumstances, can be in their own careful observation, the construction of properly, make a piece of waste savagely, become a swimming can lie to see stars, wandering in qingshan, clear water between the happiness of heaven and earth. < / P> < P> there are many young people during adolescence, they like outdoor activities, mountain climbing, called 'conquer nature', but an experienced forest is a different life, they not only don't call 'conquer nature', but also referred to as 'adaptation' nature. 'Conquer' or 'adaptation', and the result is always to be close to nature. < / P> < P> although with is close to nature, but it has its starting point. Because of the differences of ideas, so prepare for outdoor camping, including psychological and material aspects, different, I think the 'conqueror' during, momentum to the might ignore the small problems. < / P> < P> because must comply with the 'adaptation', but of the nature, so their preparations may be more detailed. The ancients cloud: 'go against sunchon birth, death, is a famous saying of a forest life, also is a large outdoor camping life philosophy. < / P>
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