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The composition of the simple analysis of tent

by:Foerstine     2020-04-21
Simply analyze the composition of tent time: 2011 - 11 - Author: 14 source: tent camping tents < p> a, fabrics: < / p> < p> 1 technical indicators will be subject to the degree of waterproof, waterproof fabrics. < / p> < p> water proof is only appearance with AC or PU. Generally used for children or play tent < / p> < p> waterproof to 300 mm is generally used for beach tent/shade account or the lack of rain in the cotton account < / p> < p> waterproof - 800 mm 1200 mm for the conventional simple class tent camping < / p> < p> waterproof - 1500 mm 2000 mm for more mid-range tents, need to travel for many days. < / p> < p> waterproof to 3000 mm above generally is a professional tent, high temperature resistance/cold resistance and other technical processing. < / p> < p> at the bottom of the material: general with PE, the most common quality stand or fall to basically see its thickness and warp/weft density. Better more upscale with Oxford fabric, waterproof treatment at least more than 1500 mm. < / p> < p> internal fabric is breathable breathable nylon or cotton. Basically see its density in quality. < / p> < p> 2, support the skeleton < / p> < p> is common glass tube. < / p> < p> its quality can be measured in more professional, is also important. < / p> < p> tents stent has a few kinds: < / p> < p> 1, resilient: usually in this kind of children's account or beach game. < / p> < p> 2, 6 is the most common glass tube. 9/7. 9/8. 5/9. 5/11/12. A set of 5. The coarser the stronger rigidity, smooth the weaker sex. So whether reasonable tube of the stent is determined according to the proportion of its size and height of the ground, easy too thick to go is broken. For example: 210 * 210 * 130 size proportion is more classic, the pipe is commonly 7. 9 or 8. 5. < / p> < p> 3, aluminum alloy frame: more high-grade, according to the alloy ratio test is more difficult, in general the original the radian curve, support are calculated first and then hot pressing shapes. Characteristics is a major is not easy to fold the light easy to carry, but the quality is not good easy to bending deformation. < / p>
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