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The classification and features of the sleeping bag manufacturer to tell what are your tents - Nanjing city Foerstine outdoor products

by:Foerstine     2020-04-27
Tell you the classification of the tent camping sleeping bag manufacturer has the following kinds: a sturdy, construction type, fabric right, cost is not high, to adapt to all kinds of terrain; Second, herringbone roof type herringbone roof tent decorated tent, tent, etc. , mainly used for various large outdoor camping goods activities; Three type, tourism tents, and can be divided into 3 season 4 season tents, convertible accounts, the most simple single account, since the support tents; More than four, automatic type automatic tents for leisure tents, considering from the demand of People's Daily life, in addition, the convenience of automatic tents, there is no limit to the crowd, general with family reunion, friends for an outing. factory remind you choose down to pay attention to what point? : camping sleeping bag manufacturers think you introduced the classification and characteristic of dampproof mat related tags: sleeping bags, camping sleeping bags, adult sleeping bags, relevant information
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